Mind runs like water

Hii I'm Ananya,
This is a small world where I put together thoughts and fragments of myself. Everything I post here is a segment of my own creative process. I hope you find a piece of you in here and feel like home. All love.

Consistent Confrontations

I was just a naive girl of 21,
Stuck in the movie I never asked for,
Sick of your consistent confrontational looks,
Would have stayed if your eyes didn't remind me of your past foil endeveors,
Swear I didn't mean to become a con,
But you were no home as you promised for me to settle on,
I even warned you politely to stay away and not become my coveted romance,
And so you became a movie I never asked for,
I was just a naive girl of 21.
And when you came back home, looking for one,
You saw my eyes and couldn't avoid the trickery,
You saw the stains of your champagne and the new movie with a legitimate happy ending,
You begged looking straight into those apathetic eyes which once shined for you,
Now they glisten for the man who helped me out of this tomb,
You cried and even matured,
I realised how time can turn around the worlds,
Swear I never meant to become a con,
But I was no more the naive girl of 21.

Specs and Sprinkles —

For a person who never loved the clouds like she loved the ashes, I realized I was too hard on myself -Ananya


Farewell old friend,
I'm leaving your sand land,
I know I thought you were my supposed home,
But something changed,
Yesterday I visited my old friends,
I was supposed to feel something other than farewell,
And yet I felt farewell,
Now I see my legs running for the mountains,
I never thought I'd say that,
For I was always an ocean girl,
Fantasized living on the shore, gave waves to my hair,
Summer would have been my name in some parallel universe,
But now the mountains echo my name,
With the click of a heartbeat, with the drop of a coin,
Something changed inside me, something might have been dead,
What I thought defined my dreams just changed in the nick of a moment,
And I'm not even sad for the things I left while packing my bags,
So, farewell my old friend,
Leaving behind your waves, now I'm running for the Mountains.


I don’t bother fixing what's long gone, 
Two minutes into the mind two years gone, 
They crawl and drool over meager social validation, 
I’m more than the likes, I’m more than their acclamation, 
They walk small conversations, no destination,
Once lived a life where I regularly apologized to my angels, 
Now my demons my slave, I rule unfuckwithable, 
Isolation stuck in the past, 
I wave congratulations to my patience, 
Ashes piled up on the ground, I touch it turns in creation, 
They cause a scene to be seen, 
My curtain’s dark enough yet I’m the sensation, 
They reside in their cliches I make my own elevation, 
They wallow in self-inflicted seclusion, 
My beats beat the blues out of this season, 
Congratulation on my patience, 
Silence helped me find my inspiration, 
No point in small conversations, 
For now I rule unfuckwithable.

Specs and Sprinkles

They say there are roses in my garden, but all I see is thorns -Ananya


I see her smile, 
Her lips cerulean blue, 
Ocean Eyes, 
Her blouse Louis blue, 
Sable skies,
Wine glass a mess, 
Fresh crimson red drops flowing out of her splintered hands,
No clear on her torso left to mark her red, 
Winter beneath her, 
Eternal rain above her head,
Wearing his sweater, stand naked with a smile,
I see her before the mirror, 
Cerulean blue lips, ocean eyes,
Surrounded by the sable skies.

Pretend and Play —

Pretend there's wine on the counter not my blood
Pretend the cat broke our picture frame
Your tears never ruined my pages
And my soul is not among the ashes in the fireplace
Just pretend you're holding me now;
Don't touch me, you'll burn yourself
Keep on pretending you care but really don't waste your time
And I'll pretend like I'm walking petals, I won't show any signs,
We're making love, love!
Let's just imagine it this way,
Let's just die together in the cave we dig ourselves,
Or atleast bury this part of us which is already dead
The walk to this past life is tiring me now
Our former reflection isn't friends with affection anyways
Let's just accept our invincibly inconceivable destiny
There's only dust, smoke and ashes
The red carpet underneath is acknowledging death for a change
Love! it's time you realise now there's no way to make me stay.


Specks and Sprinkles

You spent every ounce of my fraction on your illicit lovers, and when your bowl emptied, you again show up at the door to burn away my leftovers -Ananya

Mine to Forget

You met a girl right after we went our seperate ways
Gave her flowers the ones I used to like
Took her on cliche date nights
I saw her in your smile as if her name was happiness
You looked as charming with her as when we first met-
When you were in love with your best friend,
You used to smile like your picture in my wallet,
You were happy back then,
I was perhaps the only with whom your heart ached
Now I see you prance with her in pleasure
Ignoring me standing in this red dress
Now I see it clear
You were only mine to forget.


Blame me

You changed the color of your hair
Wrote diss songs about me sitting on the front porch of your home where we sat together 
Made out with that brunette on the weekends
Told all your friends I messed up your head 
I didn’t know you’d be this harsh on me
But if it's for you, blame me all that you care.

I’m not a crook but somehow you felt cheated
My drunk excuses could never pass for an explanation
And when every time our weekly banters got heated
You remained seated, defeated 
You aimed to stay in every situation
Before this, I never saw you running out of patience
Now you run the edges of your sharp spear 
But if it’s for you, blame me all that you care. 

I’ve heard every rumor you set out free
I remain shun when they ask me
For I don't mind some pain for I filled you with misery
When I made all those promises I couldn’t stop my cold feet from running 
There’s no way it can hurt more than when I broke your heart in the cold rush of February
And I’ll accept I can’t help but grieve in your absence 
But ice cannot survive in the death valley
You were the white dove who deviated its way to swing in my dark stream
And now when you’ve returned just to run the edges of your sharp spear 
I remain seated in the middle of the woods of your anguish
For if it's for you, blame me all that you care.