Hello my fellow earthling!
I want to thank you for stopping on by, it truly means a LOT, I mean a LOT! If y’all didn’t know I am a mom of 2 adventurous boys! Even the fur babes are boys. Talk about a house full of testosterone.

Some of you are known to call me a jack of all trades, but I see it more of a creator mindset.

I’m not the best in marketing my craft by the way, Which Is something I really need to work on, my husband and I both run our IG / Facebook account BeyondUrban where he does rustic farmhouse furniture and I make handmade earrings, smudge blends & MUCH more!

A little bit of our back story on how we started our business was when I had to become a stay at home mommy, I really didn’t know how to sit still! Hints why I am always creating. I wanted to make sure I was building something for our family, because of circumstances I wanted to be able to help out as well.

I started creating crafts with the up most positive intentions. As I started to sell I noticed how others loved the uniqueness and rareness of my art pieces.
Those who personally know me loved that I cleansed each project I created. I am often compared to a “sunflower 🌻” It brings me joy that I can actually brighten up someone day.
The littlest details I add into my craft all have a meaning, a positive affirmation to it.

Our little family are true nature LOVERS! We love to just admire the beauty of the outdoors, I find most of my inspirations outside 🤍

Now that you know a little bit about me, enjoy the rest of this blog! Where I go over each part of my interest.

Some of things you can find here are....
My travels & photo edits
My crafting & shops
My go tos, some cool finds
Beauty & wellness journey

& as always THANK YOU for supporting & sharing

Love in light 🤍🌻

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Handcrafted earrings

Statement earrings aren’t made for rough play

This mommy handcrafts most of the earrings seen, some of them are just put together & some of them are made from scratch, I’ve worked with acrylic, polymer and rattan earrings & wood as well. I find that it’s really fun to make these because there’s so many things that you can do so many styles. But it can be a little time consuming because being a mom my attention also goes to my kids. So bare with me 🤍

I wanted to point out some things and how to TAKE CARE of our statement earrings.

• I do not recommend being worn in water or placed in direct heat contact.

I consider my earrings a piece of work of art and I would love to see my clients treat it as such,
it saddens me to see industries mimic artist creativity and try to sell them with theses prices that is impossible for an artist like myself that actually does the labor or actually does it from scratch, compete with these prices, That being said just know someone that has passion and love is creating each of these beauties.
Giving you the satisfaction that the earrings that you have purchased for me are actually are personalized.
I will only make a few handmade earrings to be sold and therefore I might not make them again.

🤍because as people we are all uniquely made.


Polymer earrings

Polymer clay earrings
Are hand made earrings, they are statement earrings I suggest that you don’t tug on them or treat them as you would with your regular earrings. Because they are considered to be a work of art. Piece by piece was put together with love. Polymer can be flexible or non flexible so please keep that in mind when purchasing polymer. Also don’t leave in hot areas since polymer is a type of clay.


Acrylic earrings

Acrylic are easier to work with but just time consuming to cure. Acrylic earrings are low on maintenance, also beautiful with all the different things you can add into it. Please don’t leave in the heat, this can make the acrylic soften depending on the heat applied.


Rattan earrings

Rattan earrings seem to be trending a lot lately, I do find them to beautiful but the bigger they are I would say they are the heaviest from the bunch. But if that’s something you used to go ahead and give them a try. They can make any casual look unique.


Wooden earrings

Wooden earrings are a favorite! I think cause you can still keep that organic look and have it look different at the same time. I do so much different looks with the wooden earrings. It never ends make sure to follow my IG / Fbk to see more. Wooden earrings are stained wood giving it a more rustic feel, make sure to not tug on tassels, which are typically handmade.


Links to shop 🤍

Follow my art pages to see more
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You can shop now on my Etsy shop🤍

Thanks for your support 🤍
Love in light 🤍

My YouTube Channel

Life With Jen

My YT channel is a working progress!
Some of the content I have so far created are my makeup tutorials and some cinematic clips that I hope on perfecting, I think my YT has taking me sometime, Since I was still in my OWN journey. Slowly I am seeing what works best for me & perhaps helping others as well.

I would like to make videos on how tos, but I’m mostly drawn to vlogging I’m more of a shower, (show and tell)

(Disclaimer) I am a bit corky, goofy with a bit of awkward, I may attend on saying some dark humor the filter sometimes doesn’t work for me.

So I’m hoping to have you as my new subbie 🤍

MakeUp using Farmasi ?!?!

Our Adventures

Have you ever gotten the urge, that you just wanted to get lost? & didn’t know where you were going but you just wanted to get out.
An urge to visit a new place, change of perspective, change in scenery??

My boys know when mommy is acting funky/ down, it’s time to take a road trip sometimes we don’t even know how long our road trip is going to be usually it’s from 2 to 3 days. Our fur babies also joins the experience the same as we do that’s just the type of family that we are.
On a sidenote I get anxiety leaving my fur babies with anybody else, does anybody else get like that??? 
We aren’t a fan of planing our trips, of course we pack our essentials but we attend to go with what feels right.
Try it one day!! And see if that makes your adventures more interesting. We used to be planers and our expectations of things would ruin the experience, until we said NO MORE! & Just go!

I wanted to share some places that we personally have encountered in our journey. You can actually find more nature pictures & nature edits, on a soon to come site where we will be allowing others to download/purchase. 



Yep you read correctly CT!
Connecticut has been a place we look back on a lot all the hikes and adventures we had. We got the opportunity to actually live in Connecticut due to military orders, CT wasn’t one of our top picks and it wasn’t a place that we even had in mind but life gave us that opportunity and we don’t regret it!
We have seen so many beautiful nature things we even walked in the forest alongside of a deer, I wouldn’t haven known how big they, until I found myself standing 10 feet away from one.
This picture was taken in Yantic Falls CT, we love coming here during the season, it’s amazing.
I suggest everybody should go to your favorite spot during the season it’s something one should get to experience, if you haven’t tried it you won’t regret it once you do.


Upstate New York

George Park, NY

This was a park that was so large and if you looked around you were bond to find more little hidden gems around!
This place as you can see how small my husband is seen here was just breathtaking! Going under a waterfall was just magical. This trip was made from CT to candada we decided to go through NY when coming down and have little stops along the way! This was about 5 day trip! But we truly felt so grounded and at peace!


Great Smoky Mountain

Gatlinburg, Tennessee
This was one of our most funniest memories we had back in 2015 I want to say and just recently revisited in 2020. This was such an interesting trip because driving up these mountains 🏔 was an experience in itself! But when we came in 2015 we came at night so driving in these roads was scary but so funny to me, because my mother in law was sweating driving! We passed by abandon church’s, sketchy roads I think our gps was setting us up. But it was memorable for sure. Besides that once you get through that it’s absolutely beautiful at every turn you make. I love autumn there!


North Carolina

West or east??!!
Of North Carolina is a BIG difference, east we get more of the beaches and more flatter lands then I expected. The skies here are absolutely beautiful cotton candy skies! Locals here take pried on their beaches, very clean! Also the coast of NC are big with their sea life and helping sea turtles 🐢 I find that just so amazing. the east of NC like Wilmington are slowly growing, still very historic and downtown is a bit small but it is getting there just in a slower pace. As for the west parts of NC like the charlotte area they are definitely growing fun things to do in the city with the family and the luxury of having Asheville about less then 2hours. West of NC you will have more mountains/ farm lands my cup of tea for sure!! Have you ever drank wine with a llama??! Well it’s a must try! IPA here are handcrafted in Asheville they are very known for this like voodoo ranger.


My picks on beauty

Hey welcome to the make up section here we go over a couple of beauty products and make up that I personally been using for sometime now. Please keep in mind that everybody skin type is different mine happens to be a combination skin type therefore there’s certain parts of my skin that is oily in certain parts that are considered to be very dry to the point where it’s flaky so it’s been very difficult for me and my journey to find a foundation that can actually benefit the severity of my dry skin along with the parts that are oily so if you feel like that you have that kind of skin maybe some of the things that I talk about here may help you. I also find that doing my skin care routine before applying my make up actually does do a big difference it’s actually made my make up routine look so flawless so I do suggest to actually take the time to do your skin care routine before you go ahead and apply your makeup.