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I’m Jenn...
I’m a healthcare worker and wellness advocate with dōTERRA. I help others by providing them with safe and effective solutions for living an optimal life!
I provide people different tools, modalities and daily habits that make them feel better, more empowered in their own wellness by supporting the body, mind and spirit of all ages!

November Promotions!!

All the Essentials...

*FREE Laurel Leaf with any 125pv order by November 15th! While supplies last.
*15% Off Douglas Fir
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Laurel Leaf FREE with a 125pv order

Promotion Details:

Place a Loyalty Order of at least 125 PV by September 15, and you’ll receive Laurel Leaf for free while supplies last!

Laurel Leaf was shown to promote feelings of clear thinking and concentration. Due to its soothing properties, Laurel Leaf may be a great addition to an aromatherapy massage

dōTERRA Laurel Leaf

Douglas Fir 15% OFF

Promotion Details:

* Douglas Fir oil’s aroma can help promote an uplifting and positive environment.
* Has great cleaning properties

dōTERRA Douglas Fir

Back to School Essentials

Promotion Details:

Is your family ready to go back to school? Make sure you start off strong with the Back to School Essentials collection.
Provides naturally sourced ways to care for your family
Offers powerful products that are perfect for on the go
Includes reliable ingredients to help clean your hands
Collection includes:
On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash (2)
Amber Soap Dispenser
On Guard® Mist (3)
On Guard™ Hand Wipes (20 ct)
*Limit 4 per account

What is an essential oil?

What are essential oils? Inside many plants—hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, fruit, or bark—are concentrated, highly potent chemical compounds. These naturally occurring compounds are essential oils. They are the essence of a plant, a gift from the earth, distilled and prepared for you to bring the power of nature into your home.

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What is an essential oil

Why dōTERRA ???

If you are looking to buy essential oils, you’re probably making some lifestyle changes—including swapping your traditional synthetic products with naturally sourced alternatives. So, what happens when the essential oils you buy still have the synthetic chemicals you are trying to avoid?

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Source to you

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Source to you

Thirtyone November Promotions!

All the Essentials

November Essential Bundles
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