My Oil Journey

A lover of all things oils & finding ways for a toxic free lifestyle

My oil journey goes back to 2019 - my friend was, and is, an oily lover and would tell me all about them and how she uses them. I went to a few of her 101 classes and eventually got my first starter kit! At first I was playing with diffuser blends but was more focused on making diy household hacks for cleaning and laundry. I was loving it!

A few months later, the person who I had been with for 10 years and the father of my son, decided it was better for us to separate. While I felt relieved, I was still filled with the emotions and grief that comes with it. My friend reminded me that I have my oils now and to use them for emotional support so that’s exactly what I did ! I grabbed all the emotional support oils that I had and used them everyday MULTIPLE times a day. I was shook at how much they helped my emotions and sleep during my (very) hard times.

After that I was hooked and a believer and I started using them for my son when he was having hard days, I use them for my family’s life immune support, mental support, wellness support, sleep support, and literally anything else you can think of - I’m using oils. I fell in love with this lifestyle and there’s no way I would go back. I feel better, I’m happier, my skin is healthier, and I know my son is getting all the benefits too!

Now I’m on a journey to share my oils with as many people as I can! Oils are so powerful and ridding toxins of the body and home are so beneficial. I’m learning as a go and would love for you to join me!

Whether it’s oils or switching to toxic free household products- there’s a starter kit for you!

What’s a starter kit ? Its in the name! A starter kit is the best way to get started with switching to oils to help your everyday wellness and household needs!

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There is no pressure to “sell” when you become a member. All you gotta do is grab your oils - love them - use them- and repeat! Sharing them will come naturally as you learn to love them!

Premium Starter Kit

This is the best way to start dabbing into oils! You will get 12 oils that are picked specifically to give you a little bit of everything that you would need to get started! You will get a diffuser (you pick!) and some other little samples of thieves hand sanity and NingXia Red (YUM)!

Thieves Starter Bundle

The thieves starter kit is the best option when wanting to switch your everyday household products over to being toxic free! You will get the household cleaner (mine lasts a year!), hand soaps, toothpaste, and a few more thieves goodies!

CBD Stater Kit

Young Living teamed up with Natures Ultra to ensure they are ofdering their members the best products when it comes to CBD products. They are infused with essential oils for added benefits! You’ll get a muscle rub, oil, and a calming roller!