Who am I?

Hey sis, I’m De’Ja Nicole

I created Allure Dreamers as a way for women to turn their forgotten passions into the profitable business they have always dreamed of.

Upon quitting my job I had trouble finding other women that look like me to coach me through the transition from a 9-5 to becoming a business owner. That’s why I decided to start coaching, so you guys don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I want to let women know that it is okay to work a 9-5 to fund your business, pay your bills and take care of your household. Now a days on social media there’s a misconception that in order to start a business you can’t work a 9-5 and you need to be fully independent or have a man pay for your business. Now if you were blessed with a rich family or a man to pay for your business kudos to you honey, but that wasn’t the reality for me.

I wanted to create a safe haven for new entrepreneurs to come with their questions and not be judged, where they can feel supported throughout their journey and dig deep to find those passions you may not even known you had all while getting to the bag! Because let’s be real that’s why we’re all here. Think of me as your new business bestie. I will tell you the truth, good or bad, we will have fun during the process but there maybe times you get upset with me because I want to see you win, and that’s ok! As long as you’re making your dreams come true that’s all I care about!

See you soon babe,

De’Ja Nicole 💕