The girl behind and in front of the camera


Hello I'm Ally.
I’m glad you’re here! Whether you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest I want to introduce myself and share with you a bit about my life.

I started a love for art and creating at a very young age. After I was able to walk I was dancing through out the house, then when I was able to speak and dress myself Oh, I did. Finally anything I picking up in my hands that I could make into an art form I was in love with and still am.

Freshman year of high school I bought my first DSLR camera!!! It was after going on numerous photoshoots with my friend Camile and practicing modeling in front of the camera and also being behind the lens that I just knew I had to have my own camera. My camera became an extension of expressing myself and became of of my favorite creative pass times.

Junior Year of College I decided to start a photography account to share my work. My work showcases photos from my travel experiences, styled shoots I made for myself and friends, and some of my paid sessions.

Currently I am in my final year of being a full time student at Kansas State University as well as a part time freelance photographer.

My next step will be moving to the LA area and working in the fashion industry which I am over joyed about but I also can't imagine letting go of photography. Which is why I would love to hear from you and partner with you to create something Magical.

Ideally my world of photography, digital marketing and fashion will all connect because I see them all as ART and an expression of creativity. There is nothing that I value more than creating moments and making sure that it is aesthetically pleasing to the consumers eye. I am not your typical photographer and am looking for those peeps who have a vision and have been hiding their secret Pinterest board for years... Let's work together and make it come to life for YOU! I am hear to serve you and can't wait to see what ideas we can capture together.