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My hair journey

Remember middle school and high school when what you wore and how you wore it was such a big deal? I remember feeling like I didn’t belong because my hair was so curly and although my mom told me to embrace it, I tried to straighten it out of existence to fit in.

It was my biggest insecurity for a long time. I did multiple chemical treatments on top of the constant straightening and my hair was just .. straw. As time progressed I limited myself on how often I straightened my hair, but it was still at least twice a month; I tolerated my hair but didn’t love it.

I joined a plant based, cruelty-free hair company and treated it like any other hair product, but when I started using it I finally LOVED my hair! The company truly cares for every hair type out there and in the process has helped me understand that every hair type is beautiful, including mine. Now when I style my hair outside of my curls I find myself saying “Oh but that curl is so pretty!”

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