What is Theta Healing®

Theta Healing® is a method goes back to founder Vianna Stibal from Montana, USA she owns the method that needs a certification that has to be renewed. She channeled the technique and developed it on with people that joined the movement, trainings authorized by her get to be teachers for Theta Healing Practicioner Trainings- that like me. :)🌟🌟🧡
Experience— I worked in 3 Years first majorily on myself, theta healing regularly, and daily mornings, daily or weekly- I do love the effects. Effectiveness is great, especially when working with a Theta Practicioner guiding & accompanying my view, as having a sheltered space that is held & an outside perspective that consists not of my own presents me with so much transformation-. Which is why.

Who to be working with?

Choose someone that feels warm to you, and genuine good feeling vibration, with them. It can be easy/ easygoing or maybe challening in a good way. The person may be holding space - that for their own suffering and shifts in life, their own

Growing up to heights, inspires you, for growth, to heal yourself or to become your potential, feeling safe with where you are.
Which also means, every person may have a feeling for the theta Practicioner and that shouldn’t be ignored; rather that is an indication when it pulls you, energy is warm
And vibrant and good and where you may he safely, go for that!✨🧡♥︎✨🧡❤️.
Go where that vibrancy if how you can be authentically hits you.🧡❤️
Within my trainings in Theta Healing- I noticed that we as humans& coaches, individuals, Theta’ Practitioners, we carry our own personal ways of viewing the world. If it’s the ways we go through the life, that handed struggles and maybe misunderstandings and how and which generations and family, school structures molded how we see the world& just our intrinsic nature.- we are inherently different, yet our tools that we use are the same, the ethical structure . Which ever the person is that is a right choice- use that intuitive and thoughtful about who to accompany the transformative inner work in the best,

The ***ethical system of Vianna Stibal& the provided philosophy***—is easy to break down to Virtues, learning them to be more virtuous,
Living out ourselves

We only manifest for our own lives.
In a visualization meditation, the brain waves are thought to be shifted to the theta waves* which it is a way to accessing the subconscious parts. In this state, it is easier to be open to topics in our lives that we feel stuck in- and tend to those, be opened up to solutions. In my experience, I like and love the Theta Healing ®︎ work, because of it’s soft, clear & warm kind if cuddly-“cloud 9 “ atmosphere welcoming warm and wonderful field from which I can see and be seen from a perspective of warmth& tenderness for a freeing view on effectively changing the patterns deeply that were wired in a way that wasn’t serving me, unconsciously.
This can be a pattern we often experience, a habit, a mental blockage of relationship issue, from our perspective it is that we can introspect and suspect the reason, to change patterns to our highest benefit.✨🌟

The Theta frequency moves around 4-7 cycles per second and in our daily lives, it’s usually experienced shortly before we are dozing off to sleep.
More about it; in the “About the Brainwaves”- Pick #2

The fields in which Theta Healing® can be used are quite versatile. Feel free to follow your intuition upon this and ask for. I love it, for feeling more into myself, for freeing myself from past traumas and unlocking feels of love and more of myself☀︎🌟.✨♥︎! I am in joyful vibration to be bringing up my service in this method, as it is one that is aligned with my virtues. It’s with a high ethical codex, only working if you want, respecting yourself including your free will— at all times, also, it is very empathetic, going with sensitivity or love and yet clear focus. This wat it’s
a simple& effective practise, and can work on fields of drama while being held in a warm and loving, cozy space. Where it’s oriented on “what is it, the clients want”, or in other language: “what did we learn from it& how do we want to go further, in the best way possible?” without of bringing more drama into a settlement. I’ve experienced it as being gentle and effective, it’s only is that you’re open to work on the issue and going there — as well as believing there is a source, a higher power. Call it “the universe”, it doesn’t matter — just, that you believe 🌟 there is, in your any: your own, individual way.☀︎🌟♥︎🤍✨✨💫♥︎
Then, the work with Theta Healing® is possible for you and accessible to all of you.

I am so looking forward to working on your topics& introduce you to the practise itself 🌟☀︎✨☀︎♥︎. The way I got to be introduced by it was by experiencing it in real practise, to further and further be practicing and learning it, getting to know as deeply and confidently, as I do now. 🌟♥︎
Theta Healing® does *not* replace a doctor, or psychiatrist in any way, always speak with your physician. This is an energetic method. I don’t give, in any way a guarantee of healing.
Ich gebe kein Heilversprechen ab.

Why I love this method🌟☀︎♥︎:


Hello! It’s me🧡Alma!

Ich bin Alma- künstlerisch und lebenskünstlerisch unterwegs, spirituell als auch sozialpolitisch, wissenschaftlich, handfest. Du findest mich in angeregten Gesprächen und in der Meditation- in der freien Natur als auch im Großstadtdjungel- gehen.

Viele Themen die mich umtreiben, soziale Gerechtigkeit, gesellschaftlicher Wandel, Utopien und Theorien dahingehend, schreibe und auch Körperarbeit, Persönlichkeitsentfaltung und spirituelle Arbeit sind große Leidenschaften.

Die Technik, die ich liebe und mit größter Hingabe seit drei Jahren lerne und praktiziere, ist Theta Healing®︎! Zu dieser freue ich mich, dich hier
einzuladen🌟🧡 ;Willkommen!🧡

Politisches sowie Spirituelles nicht feindlich sondern als interessante Ergänzungen in ihren Einordnung zu benutzen🌟🧡. Was da im Kern liegt, sind Liebe Wertschätzung von allen und dieser Sinn die Gleich-berechtigung Recht zur Freiheit und Selbstbestimmung& das der Hingabe zur Selbstentfaltung diese auch zu leben. Ich räume für uns einen Ort, an dem Transformation in leichter,

liebevoller Raum passiert. Öffnen, Hinterfragen und neu ausrichten, hin zu freudvollen, wirkungsvollen Gedanken für dein Leben, mit kraftvollen, dir dienenden Denkmustern,
Und in einer Façon, die wirklich Spaß machen kann., Freue mich auf unsere Zeit. Wenn du mit mir wirklich tief in dein Unterbewusstsein gehen möchtest, melde dich🌟😘 per dm an mich🧡❤️ . Theta Healing- und dort vereinbaren wir dann den Termin🌟. Bis dahin, frag mich gerne, wenn etwas hast und schau dich hier auf der Webseite bzw. Instagram um✨🧡. Danke ! Für deine Zeit

Viel Spaß!✨🧡🌟