A Low Living

When I was young, schools were de facto segregated in the deep south. This experience has shaped my hermaneutical lens. Now I live as a high functioning autistic adult trying to survive in a discriminating world and judgmental society.

People referred to me as "pretty," but I was convinced I was not. Then I was "discovered" at a mall by a New York modeling and talent agent. After having received accolades for being a positive role model (no pun intended) in the urban community for not posing full or mostly nude, I retired.

There were times I spent seven hours a day in fitness facilities, so I prepared and passed the ACE Certified Personal Trainer exam. Shortly thereafter, I was certified as an instructor by Barre Above. Being 100% Asian, raised with diverse religious exposure, and having Buddhist and Taoist principles on my own at a very early age, I later became more in tune with my culture by studying yoga. Certified as a 200 hour yoga teacher, I am currently designated RYT200 through Yoga Alliance. Additionally, I have an ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialization, incorporate meditation and tuning forks into client sessions, and am adept with chakra readings and balancing. As a bonus, I also perform oracle and spirit card readings.

Companies began to notice me for fitness and the non-profit organization I founded. Those companies include: Dissident Gym Wear, Pineapple Clothing, Quest Nutrition, ProsourceFit, and more (see Affiliate Links from which I may get paid should you purchase something through said links).

Autism is and is not limiting. Society is judgmental. Life is short, so I started living.

A. Low.

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My Makeup Channel on YouTube

Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc.

I am recognized as a professional, freelance makeup artist by over 20 mainstream cosmetics lines. My schedule books two to three months in advance. I offer free airbrush makeup sessions with purchase of headshot (photography) sessions. Yeah. I am also a freelance photographer with a photo journalistic style.

Purple Eye Look

Cat Eye for Mature Skin

Makeup Routine (old video)

My Fitness Channel on YouTube

A Low Fit - ACE CPT Orthopaedic Exercise Specialization, Certified Barre Above Instructor, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher

Most of these videos predate my certification. Also, this channel is used for Apt Fitness, Inc., the 501(c)(3) I founded


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Deskercise Series - sponsored by ProsourceFit

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