Captivating Change with Cyndy

Creating A Better Tomorrow

Growing up I was always told you have to go to school & follow all the steps to get a high paying job to be stable in this world. Anyone who knows me, knew I loved sculpting & working with my hands.
Since graduating high school, I always saw myself impacting people's lives & helping them for the better. I wanted to become a massage therapist from the age of 17. I finally got into the career at age 21. During that in between phase I dealt with so many managers/bosses that I would give all my time to. I finally had a breaking point & knew I have to DO BETTER.
Being a massage therapist is a blessing. I love being able to take my skills wherever I go. This career also comes with its downfalls. I have seen a lot of colleagues who have been in the industry for decades, not have longevity they hoped. Not to mention, this year with covid has been tough to say the least. I was out of work for about 4 months.
I joined Monat in October of 2020. I have seen so much change in myself within the past few weeks with Monat than the rest of 2020 combined. I am finally feeling myself. I feel like I can still touch many lives & help people. All in all, I am learning how to better myself & surround myself with so much positivity.
Do you want to join me on my journey or do you feel comfortable watching?