Product Photography & Styling

Bring your Brand to life

Aesthetic is an import part of your overall brand identity. By showcasing beautiful images on your website and social platforms, this creates an inviting environment for your customers to come and view and potentially purchase your products.
Imagery is the first step towards building customer rapport.

This is where I come in:

With the use of natural lighting and props to suit both the colour scheme and style you are after, I can help you create the aesthetic and imagery that coincides with your branding and business.


I charge a base rate of $100 (for 10+ high quality resolution images)
This may vary as certain costs for your project may need to be factored in. Once we establish the concepts you are after, I will provide you with a final quote.

If you would love for me to shoot some content for your business & social sites, please feel free to get in touch with me via my other account below so we can chat some more!


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Kind regards, Laura

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Scroll down to take a little look at some of my portfolio.


Luxury Brands For The Modern Woman

Altheå For Woman Kind is a concept created by Owner Laura. A beautiful space where us as women can feel empowered and uplifted by our core message - ‘For Women, For Mother Earth And The Divine Feminine.’

We are an online space where you can purchase products from beautiful brands that align with these values.

ALTHEÅ means ‘Wholesome, To Heal.’

We are for Cleaner, Greener, Health and Beauty. By focusing on making a more natural lifestyle effortless and fulfilling, we want to encourage All Women to feel Confident in their Own Sacred Skin.