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Currently Bingewatching!!

I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW. It is absolutely so amazing and is in fact changing my life. It's called The Chosen. It is an unreleased show, but I have a special link to watch it. You are given a link to watch and share with others. They are able to make these shows only with watchers donations though, so they give you a link when you donate. BUT you do NOT have to donate to watch it!.. only donate if you want to or can. It is very much appreciated though! They are working on Season 2 now, by the way all of the episodes are true and historically documented. They have a large budget to reach for season 2 so any donation would be so helpful!

Please enjoy the show, and I hope this link finds you well.. share it if you feel inclined.

Watch: The Chosen- FREE

Recommendation #1

My dudes at Before Fire Band just released a new song. Stream "Gritty!"

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Recommendation #2

Go check out the new book by Carmela Carr!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! It's called Journey to Generation Clash. The first 100 copies are signed!
☆ Here is an excerpt: "I started to realize that I wasn't buying into what was popular just because it was in front of me. I wasn't obligated to like something just because everyone else thought it was cool. If I liked something, it was because I liked it. I didn't rely on other people's opinions to form my own. I always gravitated towards what was different, and this was the moment that I realized that I wasn't like people my own age."

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Most Recent Project

This is my beloved most recent handmade project! It is the new custom design called the Lucky Match Custom! You can shop it by going to @thunderstompthreadz on social media or clicking the link below!

Lucky Match Custom