Hello, Beautiful!

“If you can DREAM it, DO it!” -Walt Disney

Hi! My name is Alyannah, but I go by Aly. I am from Orange County, California and I live with the love of my life & our 2 two cats, Bella & Simba & 1 dog, Chewy. Some of my passions include cosmetics and skin care. I’m also a premed student & I plan to be a dermatologist one day and run my own cosmetic dermatology facility and cosmetic line. Because that goal of mine is years away, I wanted to find opportunities that’ll not only further expose me to my passions now, but help me understand what it is like to be my own boss outside my career goals alone. That’s where I found Monat! Not only has this company given me a unique support system that I lacked in my previous part time job, but I also found products that helped me one of my biggest insecurity: my hair. I have Trichotilomania, which is a disorder that causes me to pull my hair out especially when I am anxious. Since I started investing in my hair with their products, I’ve seen a difference in appearance in my hair and it’s slowly boosted up my confidence. I am grateful for the support this company has given me. Now it’s my turn to help you find what you are looking for! Swipe and let your journey begin!