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Nothing happens by coincidence . If you’ve stumbled across my page , then you’re ready to embark on a journey that allows for freedom and autonomy in every area of your life! I was born and raised in Atlanta. I supported myself through school while helping my family and community . Upon graduation, I began teaching international students English. Though teaching is a passion of mine, I faced burn out with the mundane day to day of working for someone else . I wanted more for family, loved ones, and I . Today , I am a young entrepreneur , artist, creative director, photographer , traveler , health and beauty enthusiast, clairvoyant healer , and writer looking to educate and assist you with both your physical and cosmetic health. As someone who has overcome both physical and mental trauma , and actively works to leave the matrix behind , l have learned many pathways to healing the mind and body and securing personal freedom. If you join me you can do the same. I want you to take control of your life and live under your terms. If you’re up to having physical , mental , and financial prosperity then please join me by swiping right ! 🙏🏽💫🌱