Grow yourself 🌿

Don’t spend another year doing the same shit

Hi hey hello! I’m Alysen, I’m 27- I’m a mom to a sweet little boy and a bonus mom to another sweetie boy. Boy mom life is the best, and we’re constantly outside and covered in dirt lol. I love being outdoors and enjoy hunting with my fiancé! We just bought our first house this year, and along with new motherhood I’m also juggling on how to be a new stay at home mommy!
I started this side hustle a little over a year ago with very little- but with the every intention to push myself.
I’ve always told myself I’d never be “one of those girls” who post their products on social media. I didn’t think I was comfortable putting myself out there like that. But when my mentor came to me with this opportunity, she really ignited a fire in me.
You promote everyday when you post on social. Those ray bans you’re wearing? Free promotions. The hunting brands you wore? Free promotions. So why not get paid for using products that you actually L O V E using. This opportunity has given me the feeling of being able to provide for my family, while being able to be home with my boys. Groceries, bills, car payments. I’m able to help. And it feels good.
When you join me, I will do whatever I can to help you feel the same way this opportunity has helped me.
Why join me? 🌿
- gain time freedom
- gain financial freedom
- get out of debt
- support your family
- ability to work from home
- OR make an extra income
- help others reach goals
- gain friendships and build a community
- personally grow
- get better skin + hair + gut health
There’s no monthly quotas you have to meet. No monthly subscriptions. You order when you want or don’t order. You get paid regardless. Earn 30% products. Earn trips. Earn a freaking Cadillac. (My biggest goal) 🙌🏼
*results may very. This is about what you put into it.