Are you looking for more freedom, without sacrificing time for money? —

I'm sure since you're here, you've heard the answer to that is online. Whether you realize you are worth more than minimum wage, you want to stop making other people money, or you want more quality time with your kids, the online space is where it's at. No longer do I believe that when people say you can either have wealth or you can have freedom, but you can't have both. I'm here to say that you can have both. Check out a Web class from my mentor and like minded freedom seeker "The Online Success Formula"

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Hey! I'm Aly.

In 2020 I was struggling... We all were.

I went from trading time for money in person, to trading time for money in the virtual space. During that draining time I also started home schooling.

I was surviving, and watching my depression and anxiety get worse daily.

I found a glimmer of hope when my son and I packed our things and move to the Dominican Republic mid pandemic.

It was amazing, but I was still trading time for money. I knew I wanted more time freedom to spend with my son and explore this beautiful Earth.

Since then, I not only have I been able to create a business online and still home school, but I realized I could have the dream life of traveling where and when I want with my son without having to call off of work.

I'm so grateful that I was introduced to this business and a group of kick ass mentors to teach me the tools to grow a successful online brand.

During the hardest and most stressful times in my lifetime, we have thrived.

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