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hey, i’m using this to just write about stuff important to me, and if your gonna bully me about it, go away 🤍

lockdown 🧸

my guide to making lockdown work in your favour 🤎

lockdown.... ugh! we’ve all been here before, this is our 3rd national lockdown, and i know at this point we’re all fed up of it, but we’ve just got to hang in there.
This lockdown, i have been taking this time, to work on myself. i am drinking more water, eating healthy, working out, and clearing my skin.
i have been manifesting my dream future and looking at ways to make money.
I think its so so important that we take lockdown in our stride and use it to OUR advantage! i try to wake up early and go to bed early as that helps me feel more productive, i also write a lot of lists as well as keeping up with all my school work 🤍 i really hope this little text helped you and gave you a tinsie bit of motivation 👸🏽
thankyouuu for reading
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children’s mental health week

let’s talk about this!

in honour of children’s mental health week, i think it’s so important i use my tiny platform to help other people in any way that i can.
children’s mental health is not talked about enough, and when it is, it’s mostly bringing other kids down. but i believe no one should be alone, and especially in this time, it’s easy to find yourself isolated from your peers and other people. Now for the facts (i have heavily researched all the topics i’m talking about TW: anxiety, depression)
70% of children and adolescents are not properly diagnosed with their mental health
20% of children and young adults suffer with mental health.
one in twenty child and adolescent suffer with mental health.

however, what are the government doing to protect young people’s minds? we can’t see our friends, can’t go out, and are basically trapped in the house, the government must do better!

if you’re struggling here’s some places you can get help:



and my dms are always a safe place 🤍

sending love to you all today and always x

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how to feel productive when all you wanna do is lie in bed 🕊

lockdown getting you down??

it’s so so hard to feel productive when everyday is the same, but what you need to remember is, lockdown is the PERFECT opportunity to become the best version of you.

when you wake up in the morning, open your curtains and read a few chapters of a book, i never thought i would like reading again, but when you find the right books, it is something that makes me feel so so productive.

also staying hydrated makes you feel so fresh and motivated, i also get dressed and ready everyday, put some makeup on and do my hair as well as putting a cute outfit on,

i find it so so hard to do my school work, so i concentrate by putting my phone away and really trying to take notes and listen, i knoww it’s hard but you just have to try and i promise you will see a difference!

ok, that’s all from me today, hope you enjoyed 🤍

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national eating disorder awareness week 🤍

tw: eating disorders

i think this subject is very taboo, but eating disorders are a real thing! if this is a touchy subject for you it may be best you click off now 🤍

not everyone with an eating disorder
•looks like they have an eating distorder
•is a female
•is overweight
•is super skinny
•has a diagnosis

people with eating disorders are not attention seekers, they are not weird, and they are not doing it to be different, they need support.

uk eating disorders statistics and facts (i have heavily researched all subjects: tw: eating disorder)
25% of people with eating disorders are men
over 1.6 million people are struggling with an eating disorder in the uk
only 10% of people with eating disorders have anorexia
genetics can have a link to eating disorders

anyone can be affected by an eating disorder, and these are the signs you, or someone around you has one, or is developing one.
•spending a lot of time worrying about body size and shape
•dramatic loss of weight
•over excersising
•changed in mood
•eating little food
there is many more (i suggest looking at @healingkathleen recent for more)

i think it is very important everyone takes the time to research this so we can all recognise an eating disorder, and in some cases, save a life.

here’s some numbers you can use if your struggling and need someone to talk to:
anorexia and bulimia helpline: 0300 11 12 13
eating disorder support: 01494 793
mind: 0300 123 3393

remember to speak out, your not alone, my dms are always open 🤍

love yourself a lil extra right now 🤍

if your feeling down read this.

hello everyone, recently i posted on my snapchat story, asking people to tell me on an anonymous website what there biggest insecurity was. it hurt my heart reading all these responses but i decided to write a poem, to portray young peoples (especially girls but not always) emotions, here it is:

dear mirror

dear mirror when i look at you,
i don’t feel the same way others do,
my body looks strange,
fat yet thin,
and my head is swimming,
“what id do to fit in”

dear mirror when i look at you,
i don’t look the same way other people do,
i’m too tall,
my legs are too long,
my boobs are too small,
my body is weak, i wish it was strong

dear mirror when i look at you,
i wish i felt the same way those girls do,
i want the perfect body shape,
and i want my nose to be the perfect size,
i want my smile to be real, not just fake
and i want to FINALLY take off my disguise.

dear mirror,
when i look at you, i finally feel the way i want to
i look at myself and i say,
you are perfect, and you’re going to conquer today,
if i’m feeling down, or just a little bit blue
i just remind myself, i feel the way I WANT TO!

i hope this showed exactly how you’re feeling, just remember my messages are always open, i love you so much 🤍

international womens day 🎉🎉

happy girls day, girls 💖💖

women. women have fought for equal rights. have suppressed prejudice, have lived in a mans world for as long as time, and have now, got there own day to celebrate. i was born in a time, where most women and men have equal rights, but there’s still gaps, and still work to be done. i want to congratulate my elders, for giving me the life i have now, for risking there life’s, so my only purpose isn’t just cooking, and having children. and on behalf of women all over the world , happy international womens day! 👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽