Alyssa Lane McNair

How do you summarize who you are, what you stand for, and what sets your soul on fire?

I guess we start at the beginning! I have loved Jesus since I was a little girl. I failed kindergarten the first time around because I was “too social!” If that is really a thing? As a child I loved curse words and I still love them, but work hard on keeping it chill! I guess I have always loved the shock value!

I have always felt that I was an ardent defender, advocate, and cheerleader for all women! I started serving my peers as a leader in our youth group! Even in high school I knew I had the ability to speak life into others, while helping people learn their identity in Christ and to know their worth!

As an adult I have always loved direct sales! In 2010 I found an opportunity to use all the gifts that were planted inside of me. It felt like this opportunity was my invitation back to doing ministry! I became a part of the top 10% of leadership within the company. As I grew in developing my leadership, so did my income.

However, within 5 years of being a part of this company, my pastor asked me to come serve as the Children’s Director! Totally shocked that he pursued me for this position! As I agreed to pray about it, I felt God saying “Yes! ” When seeking my uncle’s counsel, he said, “Little Darling, God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called! Do you think you are being called?” I knew I was and for the last three years God has equipped me and qualified me each step in this position!Children’s Ministry has allowed me to help teach our littles ones that they are made perfect in His image and they have greatness planted within them!

One of my greatest passions is the women’s group I run, called Women of the Well! We have been meeting since the beginning of 2019. I wanted to create a space for women to come broken, passionate, full, or empty to be in fellowship and to pursue God together! I started the group when I was going through a very tough season and knew I could not be the only one! I really wanted to study the Old Testament, but did not know of any bible studies doing that! So instead of waiting for one, I created one!

In 2019 I found out I was pregnant and it was a shocker! Prior to the news, my husband I were hesitant to start a family! It was a difficult season. However, I knew my income opportunity would be there as my plan b. However, the company I had given seven years to, sent and email out saying the team I had built and invested in would be taken away in six weeks, due to the compensation plan changing. I was heart broken for the families I knew who depended on this income and mourning for the culture I helped build and that called me back to ministry! Have you ever felt like something you went through was finally preparing you for this moment, well that was what that opportunity did for me? It was just the building block, not the final destination.

Don’t worry, side note. My husband and I are the very proud parents to the coolest little girl, Savannah! One of my fears was that I would lose my identity in motherhood. However, motherhood has just become a beautiful extension of who I am! She was the blessing I never knew I needed.

Still being called to family ministry and leading my women’s group, I have always felt a calling to have something I could drive, that was a plan b, and something that could help create several streams of income! After searching for a year to find the right fit, culture and team after my business was swept under my feet, I found the fastest luxury hair care products company in the world! Now that may make you pause for a second of finding the significance in shampoo! Hold the phone… There is nothing more powerful than helping a woman find ways for self care, so that instead of giving what is left of her to her family, kids, career, passion, and community; she is able to give the best of her! Letting woman know they can feel good about themselves, that it is okay to shine, or that they are allowed to feel beautiful! Plus, this made sense! Everyone uses shampoo! Why wouldn’t my family and friends want these amazing products?

One of the lies I use to believe was that I had to dull my shine or sparkle, because I did not want to shine too much to make another woman feel insignificant or unseen! More recently in the last few years I have come to realize sometimes woman need our light to shine! Our light burns brighter with more lights together! That light is contagious and the brighter I am, the easier my flame is easy to catch! If you are interested in doing life together, growing in faith, pursuing your purpose, or interested in making another stream of income… let’s chat! I want to create a culture that helps women rise into their calling! I love you, I am for you, and I am with you!