Alyssa Calderon| freelance writer & poet - master herbalist -- artist - integrative healing arts practitioner -crochet designer - women’s health crisis support - certified domestic violence recovery coach + addiction recovery coach trained and certificated in NLP & DBT skills - dog holistic healing and physical therapy

Born acutely intuitive into a profuse amount of generational trauma which naturally, has not come without p a t i e n c e, persistence, discernment, flexibility, intentions and endless lessons. i know it is my job to rewrite the broken code and DNA since the beginning of time. it has been between facing myself and those around me to decide —remain on the freeway to compounding hell or veer off to the next exit onwards and upwards.

indigenous, chinese, irish, & vietnamese mix - my dear mamaw passed down a vast array of her psychic traits which have been a safety net once i first gained insight on what i could do around 6 - my ability to connect with the angelic realm & our mother earth.
the inner call i speak about has been the sole (SOUL) guide to reclaim collective divine power and conquer my corner of the world.

i started reading + writing young. shel silverstein & judy blume—my lisa frank locket journal in elementary, middle school essay contests & lead reporting in advanced HS journalism class. my teacher dan aston will always be given recognition for his invaluable education. so much appreciation for him, i would also not be where i am today if he didn’t teach me how to remove emotion when writing in journalism. he challenged me everyday to remain neutral & extensively research all ends before writing an article. ( i wanted to be a broadcast journalist but was forced to go to nursing school.

Writing is not merely therapeutic, but her origin - foundation - the ultimate outlet for voice. the beauty in unspoken thought is presently an antiquated idea.

In & out of college for 9 years, i hold my BA from Arizona State University in Justice Studies & Sustainability, 2 year diploma program from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and have a remote practice as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner. my grassroots business Kima Kinship. i am an old school mostly a word of mouth, flyer, on the ground type of gal, but i am learning & understanding the importance of expanding 76 year old grandpa reminded me of this lol.

(My history, services & contact details on subsequent slides— as for payment, it’s on a case by case basis.)

Former victim - survivor- now thriver of abuse, abandonment, and domestic violence followed me into relationships but in those experiences, it carved one of many paths— serving in the mental health field that is very much lacking. once i broke the chains and left my “safe haven”, trauma inevitably came pouring out. the healing process has and will forever be one of my main focuses. never-ending growth, self-exploration & to stand out - speak up - and is the true essence of life.

In 2016, after a tumultuous relationship, i ended up with healers who spoke zero English in a village of czech republic (czechia now, i believe?) a former mentor found my writing & saw my pure potential & light — so off i went & journeyed to NC where i expanded in ways i didn’t know were possible. he was a major catalyst & taught me what i was not but also reminded me to embrace & nourish what instinctively encompasses my soul.

i spent from 17-22 traveling & began her journey of self-healing in the US abroad —> China, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Vietnam, UK, Norway, Germany, and the Czech Republic. 2 months of research, i interviewed at a school and got hired, fearlessly sold my car, and took off to China with $460. i taught English in the booming capital Beijing and a small village in the Zhejiang Province, Pujiang.

despite my hauntingly evil past, financial ups and downs, marriage/ divorce, abuse and no mental support — i prevailed.
Former ESL teacher + traveler (not always as glamorous as it appears on instagram)

i am the go-to friend and mobile advocate for education and assistance with mental health cris(es), suicide awareness, disability discrimination, tenant/landlord disputes,workplace harassment, gender and racial injustices. i intend to apply to law school after her my masters, but life always has new plans. i have learned to go with the flow of river, not against.

i was the first responder of my best friend’s suicide March 2019 and my brother took his life on 1/1 which pushed my law and human rights studies to the next level. with lifelong heartbreak and devastation — i aim to educate the people. We MUST be aware and face the importance & acknowledgment of bullying, family harassment & abuse, neglect, cyber bullying, and violence in general but most of all, the lack of funding and SHAME IN RECEIVING MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT. Get comfortable talking about the uncomfortable.

last year 6/2019 i was diagnosed with Stage IV Thoracic/Extrapelvic Endometriosis. after years of hospital negligence and intentional overdosing, incompetent ultrasound technicians, and doctors cruel dismissals— i FINALLY found a blog of one woman who had the same type. One. Come to find out this form of Endometriosis has been found in 0.5-1% of patients, most suffer their entire lives ignored, and some take their lives. Stuck in bed for 2.5 years when it became unmanageable, i vehemently worked day in and out to find my doc who happened to live 9 hours away. He is rated the #1 in the world, Dr. Camran Nezhat and one of the handful who perform the operation. He is the pioneer of the minimally invasive surgery and will save her amongst many womens’ lives who are able to discover him. i volunteer as a crisis “big sister” to girls of all ages who were recently diagnosed with any form of Endometriosis or other reproductive disorders.

some extra studies i have gathered along the way include: resiliency coaching, hypnotherapy for addiction, self-limiting beliefs, fears and phobias, chronic pain, and stress or weight management. i am an ordained minister, a guide trained to spiritually assist those in hospice care to cross over, CARC-I & II Addiction and Domestic Violence/Abuse Recovery Coach.

i advocate for animal and human rights, invisible disabilities and mental health awareness, and encourage our generation to get on board to dismantle corrupt leaders who’ve broken the natural system of the planet.

“ if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.“ - Desmond Tutu

just an old soul with some pretty badass grandparents who showed me enough love to last 200 lifetimes. my father’s side, gma worked with police to solve murders with her mediumistic abilities & my gpa was a body guard for elvis presley, earth, wind, & fire, jefferson airplane, and many more. my mother’s side, gpa was an immigrant, busted his ass off to get to the states, & made his way to NY to finish his residency where he met my gma who was becoming an RN. if it weren’t for the four of them, i would probably not be here today. they reminded me of the profound impact i am here to make and loved with zero conditions. the best parents i could have ever asked for.

two of four have passed on, but i see them everyday.

all in all animal-loving barefoot vegan who lives simply and sustainably. in my (very little) free time i play piano, read, tend to my indoor jungle of plants, skateboard, and hike with my dog. still an introverted INFJ, i am an empowerment guide and encourage those to step out of their comfort zones, break societal norms, and chase however many dreams and/or careers they have to the fullest extent.

Regular contributor for the magazines For Women Who Roar, Ramona for Girls, Do You Endo, The Edge, Harness Authentic Community, weareHER, and NUWLA. as i said above still a grassroots & on the ground type of gal, here is the small business page: @littlebirdcrochetcollective + writing: @thestrugglesofawriter

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