Pastry Chef turned wellness coach

Hello! My Name is Alyssa Perry and I’ve been baking since was a little girl. My easy bake oven turned into an industrial size when I became an adult and worked as a pastry chef in restaurant all over Chicago. I combined my love of baking and my passion for health and fitness by creating healthy DONUTS! I now get to empower beautiful women to live a balanced lifestyle by creating a positive mindset around food and nutrition. Food is my love language! The center of my most memorable experiences! I love being able to create those experiences for other people!

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Hello, My name is Alyssa

Hello all! My name is Alyssa and I have been baking what seems like my entire life! I remember having an easy bake oven and I would spend hours baking with it, or should I say eating the batter! I slowly transitioned from light bulb baking to full size ovens where I would bake all sorts of creations for my moms work! Fast forward 5 years, and I am now a pastry sous chef for one off hospitality.

2 years ago my life, and the entire worlds life, turned upside down. In order to navigate through the toughest season of my life I started making protein donuts for my local smoothie shop Sol. Creating a healthy, guilt free treat for people to enduldge in was what i wanted. Now, what I thought was a hobby turned into a passion project and now I get to serve my community a healthy nutritious treat!