Making My Dreams Become A Reality

You’re probably new here so let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Alyssa Sheppard and I’m 19 years old. I’m currently in school to be a master esthetician. I love all things beauty and all things girly!

While in school I was trying to balance my social life with school and a job. I currently go to school full time (9AM-5PM Monday-Friday) & right after school all day I had worked a job from 6PM-11PM but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted more then just school and work. I had things I needed to get done; but had no time. I wanted to enjoy more of a social life.

So I got out of my comfort zone and took a step towards my goals. I get to work from home, meet new people, travel the world, earn a car, make good money, and use amazing products. So I took that opportunity, and it’s now my full time job and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m making double the money I was before. No stress. So much freedom, & so simple and easy.

Keep swiping!➡️

What do we do?


We use the best beauty products on the market and get paid to do it! Are you sharing your favorite clothes, restaurants, products on Instagram? Guess what? You’re already doing what we do! Why not get paid to do it?

Ask me if I have spots available for social media mentorship, they go quickly!

So you wanna form your dream life with me?

In the beginning I said no to this opportunity only because I didn’t know what I was saying no to. But now I see things from the inside.⁣

This job has given me freedom that I never expected to have. I’ve witnessed lives change from this opportunity. I’ve watched moms be able to stay home with their babies, college students pay their tuition, families get the extra stream of income their looking for to make ends meet.⁣

If that sounds like something you need to be apart of then you know it’s time to make a move. Let’s do this together.⁣

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