About me!

We’re no different, I just said “yes”

I am a creative, driven person that loves to put a smile on anyone’s face! I have always had a passion for the beauty industry and makeup was one of the first things I wished to pursue. I tried out the college thing and it didn’t work out. I didn’t have the drive or passion to finish and honestly, it just wasn’t a place meant for me.
Fast forward, I made a move to Huntington Beach, got a serving job, and less than a year into my new residence, COVID hit and left me without a job. Thankfully, an opportunity that I had known about for YEARS and slept on, landed right back into my lap and I jumped at it. I needed a change and it just made sense. Making money off of products that are scientifically backed, that have been the cause of insane transformations and apart of the beauty industry, which I already had an interest in? COUNT ME IN!

Jumping into this business, giving it all I have and taking in all the knowledge that is available to me has already helped me grow tremendously as a person! I have a completely different mindset than when I started and I know I am growing into my fullest potential each and everyday. It’s an honor to help other people do the same as well.