Introducing Me

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Okay... so I’ve been posting snippets of my life for a while now, but I realize I’ve never actually introduced myself fully. So, here I go. Give me about 2 minutes of your time to properly introduce myself😉

1. I am a daughter of the One True King - one thing that’s really hit me hard this summer is God’s promise. Whenever I’m facing a difficult season of my life, my first reaction is to ask ‘why’? But I’ve recently been learning that God’s promise is better than His explanation. The explanation points to your problem while the promise points to God. I’ve been learning to hold fast to Christ and trust in His power and his promise in ALL situations.
2. I’m a nutrition and Dietetics major
3. I work at a bakery
4. I’m a coffee snob 🌚
5. I love NWA and FL —> Second homes
6. BIIIIIG dreamer —> move to FL, adopt Golden Retriever puppy, and own my own business
7. I have one brother and a Cockapoo
8. Grilled Salmon = BOMB.COM
9. Kombucha = my alcohol
10. Big goals —> small steps 💯

There are sooo many more things I could list, but I promised only 2 minutes, so I’m hoping the rest will reveal itself as we continue this crazy adventure called “my life.” I hope this short post makes you feel more at home on my page!

If you ever have questions about anything please feel free to contact me! Also, if you have any tips or tricks to share, I’d love to hear from you!

Have a blessed day y’all🌞