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Hi there I’m Amalia ! I’m a licensed cosmetologist , an aspiring model and most importantly I’m a MOM .
I started with Monat late December 2018 - and I’m so grateful for this journey . By no means am I a sales person and honestly I didn’t want to be “ that girl “ but then when I realized how great these products were & the results I MYSELF was experiencing I knew I had made the right decision . When I was in school my hair & skin were my biggest insecurities I was different and so was my hair so I fought against my hair and ruined what curls I had .
Once I started using the line completely I had such a drastic change in my curls & later to come my skin !
If you’re looking to improve you hair or skin I’d love to help you gain the confidence these products have given me . Or if your interested in making an income from your phone or realistically anywhere please swipe through to see what it takes to be an ambassador ❤️

Amalia Morgan

My top picks

My top recommendations for Curls

Here I’ll give you some recommendations of products I love for my curls . Remember all products are based off of the person and what their specific targets are for THEIR hair . So what may work for me may not work for you ! But if you need help finding the perfect fit that’s what I’m here for 🥰

Super Nourish Shampoo & Conditoner

Here you’ll find your Wash & Condition Routine
I love these two because I find that they nourish and condition my curls coils to the best of its ability without weighing the hair down . It truly is light weight wash and can be partnered with the Renew Shampoo . Each time you wash your hair it should be done twice - so it’s nice to have 2 different ones if you’re trying to combat more than one problem .
After you wash TWICE ! You’ll go in with your conditioner which I also love to either apply two different ones together like a cocktail or if I’m feeling like my ends are more dry and damaged I’ll apply Intense Repair Conditioner to the ends and the Super Nourish to my roots and let that sit while I go on with my shower routine .
* If you’re needing a little more lovin’ on your curls I suggest our Super Moisture Masque - this can be used everyday , you’ll do this step AFTER you shampoo , and then you’ll condition your hair at the very END .

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Styling Products

So the most important thing when rinsing your hair after you’ve Shampooed - if needed a masque and then conditioned your hair you’ll want to be sure to rinse with COLD water , this will lock in your products .
Once you’ve rinsed you’re hair it should be dripping wet when you apply these products - I normally do mine in the shower opposed to when I’m out, this helps me not only save my products by not having to over compensate with the product because it’ll spread easier and my hair will grab what it needs.
The products I always keep in my shower are our
• Gentle Detangler
• Leave in Conditioner
• Rejuvabeads
• Curl Defining Cream
Once I’ve applied these I’ll use a cotton t-shirt to wrap my hair . You can use a microfiber towel if you have one as well !
If you let your hair air dry or hood dry it’ll keep your curls from shrinking opposed to defusing which will add to your shrinkage .


If you’re a momma ...

If you’re a mom like myself and went through horrible postpartum hair loss than I have the answer you’ve been looking for !

Intense Repair Spray
& Intense Repair Shampoo + Conditioner

Combined there’s nothing these 3 products can’t do for you .
These 3 brought my “ baby hairs “ that I lost when I had my son right back ! I was in shock when I looked at old pictures and never noticed how fine my hair really had gotten . Let me tell you these are not the things they prepare you for when having children , but the joys of bringing a little human into the world are so worth it . Especially when I have products like these to help get the confidence I never had with my hair. It made me more excited about wearing my natural curls !


Magic Oil

Our Rejuveniqe Oil is a must have for me , because it not only for me but everyone in my family uses it as well !
Our oil is unlike any other , the molecular structure of it is so small that it can absorb into your skin or hair . This is the ONLY oil on the market like this .
I add it to my skin but not only that but my hair . It’s also great for makeup foundation or if you’re needing to bring something like an old mascara , or nail polish back to life !
It really is my holy grail and I swear by it ! Acne scars , tattoos , dark circles or puffiness - add some Rejuveniqe oil to it !


What is a VIP

Show the world what you’re made of

Signing up as a VIP requires a one time fee of 19.99
The perks that come with being a VIP
* No annual / monthly fees
* Birthday Gifts
* Free Shipping
* 15% off on all products
* Refer a friend program
When you refer someone you know to me for a hair consultation and they make a purchase you and that person with receive $20 credit on your next order . The best part about it : the limit does not exist on how many friends you can refer ! So if 5 of your friends make a purchase that’s $100 off ! Simple as that 😉

Wanna work with me ?

Being Your Own Boss : Brand Ambassador

Want to work along side me and a group of individuals who will support you ?! Because it’s totally do-able when you put a little work in !

Some perks of being an MP are
* 30% discount off of all purchases - these products will change your hair game 💁🏽‍♀️
* 30% commissions on retail purchases
* 15% commissions on VIP Customers
* Prizes & Incentive Trips when ranking up in your business - qualifying for free trips &
* You’re not required to have stock or pay for products to keep on hand

We’ll give you the training you’ll need to succeed in YOUR business . All you have to be is YOURSELF and share products you love with your family & friends
There’s no other company like MONAT that truly wants you to not only better yourself by being your own brand and boss but they instill in us how important it is to have gratitude and put in work for self development ❤️

If this seems like something you’re interested in and you’d want more information I’m available and would love to talk more 🥰