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I am a busy Mom of 2 beautiful toddlers 2 and under. After dedicating my body to two pregnancies close together I became amazed with all that my body could do.

I decided it was time to take care of myself and be as healthy as possible in order to be the very best version of myself. This is something I had always wanted but lacked the motivation--Motherhood pushes you out of any comfort zones and I finally found myself on a new journey with natural based beauty products.

Monat (Modern Nature) came into my life at an unexpected time, when life was falling apart from the pandemic and losing my job to becoming a second time Mom life was busy and overwhelming. I knew though deep inside I was more than just a Mom, I still had goals and personal growth to do (That every Mom deserves).

I decided to listen to my intuition and started on a healthy hair/skin and wellness journey not just for myself- my whole family. We are loving the changes to our bodies and most of all love that we are teaching our children a healthy routine from a very young age. This journey has led me to finding a passion for living better and sharing with others the beauty of natural based products.

My journey goes beyond just products to many new found friendships and a home business allowing me to be with my kids when they need me most.

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