Welcome to my chaos

I’m Amanda ❤️

Hey y’all , I’m a mama of 2 rambunctious boys and one sassy babygirl ! + Engaged to be married in November to one amazing Man ——Stefan ! I was born in Wisconsin and lived there up until I was about 11-12 ☃️ . My family then moved to the Sunshine state —Florida 🌞. I am a HUGE social butterfly 🦋. I love meeting new people and talking is something I am just good at 🤷‍♀️. My favorite places are where ever my family is & oh yeah of course Target 🎯!

In spring of 2020 I decided to take a leap into direct sales . & I know for some it’s like “why” or “Omgsh you’re super brave to do that “ . & trust me I never thought I’d do it and be here . I can honestly say I’ve never been happier with the choice I made when it came to that . So I decided ok you’re on your phone scrolling anyways so why not make an income while doing it ! I’m so happy because I’m helping others gain confidence in their skin and hair & that makes me so happy & so good ! I am here to show my love for natural , vegan , cruelty free hair and skin care that WORKS 🙌. I’ve gained so much confidence back from these products and met an amazing tribe of girls as well . & of course the extra money is nice too ❤️

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