Welcome to the Beauty & Biz Rebellion

Squad Goals! (we are kind of misfits over here)

My mission is to help the non crunchy mama like myself, make simple, easy, & effective swaps to live a healthier life.

The world of “crunchy” can be really overwhelming, especially on top of trying to maneuver all the things…kids, house, significant other, maybe a full time job, and maybe even a “side hustle.” So kudos to you first and foremost. I see you ♡︎

Long story short, the realm of social selling fell into my lap 5 yrs ago as I was raising three tiny humans & working as an overnight ER nurse.

As a nurse I really started to examine all of the underlying reasons for so many chronic illness, finding that a lot of the stuff that I was putting IN and ON my body were pretty gnarly.

Along with food & products that no longer fit my lifestyle, I began to feel very of out alignment with how social selling works. I didn’t love the whole reach out to everyone with a pulse.
Here’s a truth bomb…. Not everyone is your target audience, shocking I know!

So I aligned myself with a company built on morals and core values in their products and business model.

Here we are all about the long game, no cold messaging, no chasing down prospects. We are aligned, intentional, and allow people to qualify themselves as customers & biz besties.

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee… or wine.. or champagne) then welcome home.