About Me

I am a full-time sahm of 2 amazing young men and a happily married wife of 17 years!

I am a big kid, love to play pranks and play video games! I'm super laid back and am happy to meet new friends!

My business is in health, wellness and inner beauty. But I do love a good makeup session! Ready to bring out the best in others, physically, emotionally and mentally!

About Me

Practice what you preach

The one thing I've learned in this industry, is to just be yourself. Flaws and all. Those who were meant to love you, WILL.

I always say, practice what you preach, because it's truth. Your actions should follow with what you tell the world.

Be authentically you and you will never go wrong. Love others along the way, don't take no crap, but don't be a dick either.

Boy Mom #1

My big baby, Alex

My first born, Alex, came into the world in 2007. Through the years, he's taught me how to stand up for myself, love myself and more - how to love others.

He supports me in all my endeavors, jokes with me and I am beyond blessed for the relationship that we have.

My teenaged son thinks I'm cool and he has no problems with wanting to hang out with his mom.

I work hard for him. 💙

Boy Mom #2

My baby, Sammy

Sammy came into this world in 2014. He's experienced so much in his life already. A car wreck that set us back physically, emotionally and mentally. And then, a pandemic.

Sammy is my strong-willed child. He pushes me to the max. But when he loves you, he loves you hard. He teaches me to be strong, to have a bigger voice and really, to just love as hard as I can.

Both of my boys bring a lot to the table. And I'm a better person for it.

I work hard for him. 💙

The love of my life

My best friend, Matt

Matt and I met as teenagers, NYE Y2K. He came for a visit and then I didn't see him or speak to him for 6 years. When I finally was able to get a hold of him, that was it. Here we are, 17 years later.

He understands me on such a deep level, where I have always kept myself guarded. He saved my life and made me a better human being. He helped me find my way from the darkest bottom where I was sitting.

My goal is to retire him. He works so hard to provide for me and the boys. He spoils us, laughs with us and has been that breath of fresh air that I've needed my entire life.

I work so dang hard, for him. 💙

We all start somewhere!

Life is too short to be hateful, angry or upset. Smile while you still have teeth!