So Grateful

Giving women and men confidence again

Welcome! And than you for checking out my personal space!

I’m so happy you decided to click on my link!

A little about my self, I’m a solo mom of one boy!
I started our life out together the hard way. But threw endurance and determination, we have come along way from the poor house.

I want to help people find confidence with in them selfs. By asking this one question:

When do you feel the most confident?
What is the very first thing you do before you leave your house? That makes you feel good?
For me it’s my hair! I style my hair and pick out an outfit!

How you present your self say a lot about confidence!

That’s why when I was introduced to Monat! And seen the changes it made to my own hair! I knew I had to be apart of it. And help others!

My hair was very unbalanced .. oily root damaged ends , never held a curl, bone straight.
My go to was a pony tail every time.

Here I will provide a web page where you can see what products your hair would need.

Are you ready for your make over?

Monat offers skin care too!