a little bit amanda

Hey, I’m Amanda. I’m a golden mom of two (yes, dogs!), a super auntie to my sweet niece and badass nephew and part-owner of our awesome charcuterie business, Bitches Love Cheese. I was born in Northern Michigan + although I’ve made a few jumps around and changed my zip code multiple times, the mitten will always be home, and it’s where I currently [happily] place my feet now. I enjoy being a foodie + cocktail connoisseur and appreciate anyone who asks if I want to join for happy hour (it’s almost always a y-e-s). I have also been madly in love with event planning + the floral industry (it helps that I grew up in a flower shop) which is why in the summers you’ll find me working many special events, designing tables capes and doing what I love.

While I love traveling and experiencing new places, I truly find that I am a huge homebody and love snuggles on the couch with Netflix, red wine and a charcuterie board. I adore the 4 seasons but obviously being surrounded by all the Great Lakes makes me a huge water girl!

I began my health + fitness journey over 6 years ago when I needed to lower my cholesterol naturally (instead of turning to prescription drugs). What I found was that becoming healthy didn't require being a specific size or shape, but how I felt, how I saw myself and how I was supported by the ones around me. And why I still coach today!

I might show a lot of early mornings and lifting weights, but don't let that fool you... I am a BIG FAN of keeping it real + I work best with tough love, which means I am also a sucker for happy hours, IPA's and vanilla soft serve ice cream with sprinkles.  I have a huge heart and am truly passionate about helping women live their best HEALTHY and HAPPY life!

I’m so happy you’re here!

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