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Helping Moms/Women to give themselves grace and bring their glow back!

Heyyyyyyy heyyy!!

You know I'm Amanda but I live in Virginia, i am a momma of (3). I have a boy age 7 & 2 girls ages 6 & 3 ♥︎. Im married to my Hubby of 8yrs, he's active duty military 🇺🇸 ⚓︎ I’m a coffee addict & makeup addict!
If you have found your way here from TikTok then WELCOME ☻︎ I hope to be able to help you changie your life ✌︎

Awakend was introduced to me This year we’re in Pre Launch & officially launch Oct!

Trust me I was VERY skeptical! Because I have tried so many things, A dietician, pills from my doctor, plexus, south beach diet, modere, you name it I’ve tried it even Ladyboss, no matter what I did I couldn’t get the postpartum body gone from 3 kiddos & 3 c-sections on top of having gestational diabetes my 3rd pregnancy I gained 40+lbs that will not budge either! When I mean I was loosing hope, I was convinced I’d be stuck overweight, depressed & miserable for the rest of my life! These products have helped me become “me” again. The mom my kids deserve, the wife my loving hubby deserves, & the ME I DESERVE! I also used to battle depression, bipolar, PTSD and anxiety, not anymore!
✴︎Disclaimer I am by no means saying its a CURE ALL! Just what it has done for me personally!

Our product zenith is naturally derived and benefits so many it’s unbelievable!

If this sounds like something you need help
with then we NEED to chat!

Hope to chat soon ✌︎♡