Let’s talk about my story

How I went from living paycheck to paycheck to living the life of my dreams

I’m so glad your here ! My name is Amanda. I’m 39 years old , married to the love of my life for 15 years ❤️ I work completely from home, and enjoying hanging with my 3 kids and living life on my own terms!

I worked retail and babysitting outside the home for as long as I can remember. When I had my second daughter I was working pretty much to pay daycare.. There wasn’t much left after that. We were struggling to pay for gas , falling behind on bills ..having to borrow from credit lenders , on all types of government assistance. We decided it was best if I came home and picked up side jobs where I could be home with my youngest girl .

After trying several online direct sales I failed miserably and almost calling it quits at I came across the girl on social media who was able to quit her 4 jobs and work from social media, After much thought and prayer i jumped in and haven’t regretted it at all!

Because of this business, I am able to travel when I please, work wherever I want, purchase a New to me SUV , begin a remodel on my home 🤩 my and spend more time with my family and friends. I have such a passion for what I do along with helping others. I even met hundreds of amazing people that I now call my best friends from different states.
Now that i’m living my dream I and chasing more goals, I’m here to teach others how to do the same! You must be ambitious, have Wi-Fi, and ready for more. If this fits you, keep swiping! 🥰

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