Amanda Roth —

Poet, Mother, Wild Thing

Amanda Roth's (she/her) work explores motherhood, embodiment, the climate crisis, and revisionist folklore. She is the author of the full-length poetry collection, A Mother's Hunger (2021) and co-host of the upcoming podcast, Retell Me.

After nearly two decades in the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in Central Texas with her husband and two sons.

A Mother's Hunger

In this full-length debut poetry collection, the reader is taken on a pilgrimage through shifting landscapes - oceans, forests, the portals inside a clothes dryer - to explore motherhood, longing, and wildness.

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Publications —

Forthcoming: Hayden's Ferry Review, Portland Review, Moist, Beyond the Veil, Santa Clara Review, the lickety split, Blue River Review, and The Shore

Cardinal Directions

Winter cardinals, motherhood, and embodiment. Published by Rappahannock Review (2022)

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A Pilgrimage Through My House

A mother tries to find herself inside the portals hiding within her home appliances. Published in print with Sunday Mornings at the River (2021).

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The Dangerous Animal

A Golden Shovel for Ada Limón published with Marathon Literary Review (2022)

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When All Your Seeds Fail

Instructions on how to grow hope. Published in MAYDAY (2022)

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Two Poems

"Hush" and "Platonic Love Poem" published with miniskirt magazine (2022). For mobile, best in landscape view.

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Westbound Past Balmorhea

Ninety mph musings in West Texas. Published in print with 300 Days of Sun (2022)

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And So, I Ate Silence

A poem exploring childhood and learned silence. Published with Blood Moon Poetry Press (2022).

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On the Eve of My Birthday

A reflection on aging and femininity. Published with Wild Roof Journal (2021).

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And Now, a Word from Violet Beauregarde

A reimagining of the end of Willy Wonka. Published with Marathon Literary Review (2022)

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The Barred Owl

A spooky campfire reunion and an exploration of loneliness. Published with Hearth and Coffin (2022).

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I Woke with These Words on My Lips

A fever dream involving bees and bell jars. Published in print with Vaine Magazine (2022).

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Two poems

Poems "On Death and Dying" and "Mercury" published in print only with Sunday Mornings at the River (2021).

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Pandemic sourdough + motherhood + grief. Published in print only with Sunday Mornings at the River in their COVID anthology (2021).

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