Amanda Rodríguez

Dare to BE - U... finish it

Hi, sunshine!
I am so excited that you have given me the opportunity to show you a snippet of what is moi.
I am fairly new to “blogging”, but I’m ready to help and inspire others with what I know.
I hope you are too, because the world needs your light!
At any time feel free to DM me or email me for any questions about; my business, collabs, tips, or just chattin’ it up.

Remember to laugh, and thank you again!☀️

The link below, will direct you to my world - all things skincare and haircare. Feel free to ask me any questions; whether you want to try the products or join (my team) the adventure alongside a team of some of some of the most inspiring men and women!


I started this channel in 2017- when I first moved to college in New York.

I started this channel in 2017- when I first moved to college in New York.
My main focus were vlogs, all things fashion.
My focus since then has expanded, and in the future I want to create some more cool content for you guys!

I hope you enjoy what you’ve watched so far, and subscribe for more!

Exfoliación 101 | Físico V Químico

Exfoliating 101

Ingredientes, Belleza Limpia, Rutina Basica | Español

Ingredients, Clean Beauty, Basic Skincare | English

Meeting Carli Bybel | NYC Vlog

Best NYC Popups | Vlogmas

Holidays in NYC

I was on Live TV | NYC VLOG

The Secret Inside Victorias Secret | NYC Vlog

All kinds of favorites... (I’ll let you know when I’ve finished working on this page)

Disclaimer: I always recommend people do their own research before putting anything on their face or in their bodies

You’ve made it to my favorites!
These are a few of the things that have made a difference in my life, as I hope they might in yours!

Feel free to reach out and let me know if you’ve tried any, and if they worked for you!