Angry Shane day

Angry Shane Day

Today we celebrate Angry Shane Day. This is a glorious day where all Shanes from all of the world come together to scream at us. This should be celebrated in a good manner with nice clean T-shirt (any kind but it has to be new and clean) so all the angry Shanes of the world could surprisingly(sarcasm) start screaming yelling causing chaos and leading all cars into tragic disaster as our ears bleed with pain. And all Karen’s will be laughing with happiness . Even the most happiest ones will be turned into misery as this happens. And the shanes of the world will still not be over as they will also throw some Pepsi all over your fine new shirt which you bought only a few weeks ago. You will rage with anger as the (still angry)shanes walk past you kicking your left leg as you are walking towards the exit of a Elementary/middle school for recess. Then you would take action by kicking his left leg as he is walking then the shanes of the world get more angrier and more angrier then anyone else in the world has seen. Then they will scream so loud don’t give Him the code that everyone in the world will faint and eventually die. We should take furthermore action as this Angry Shane Day could lead to everyone dying. Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2020. Time: 7:05

Angry shane