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All Natural Products Made With Love & Positive Energy 💫

As a parent we want to do everything in our power to keep our children safe & that also means keeping ourselves healthy & safe.

I decided to make products that we can all trust making sure there is no harsh chemical or anything that can harm us.
All the products are oil based, different products have different ingredients.
•Varieties of Essential oils
•Coconut oil
•Shea Butter
• & etc
All products will have the ingredients on the back
Most products will have to be shaken before use since they will be oil based.

As time goes by & I see what my clients are interested in I will be adding different products.

My Journey

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life

Hellooo Beautiful People!!
My Name is Amber & I am 27 Years Young !
I have a Beautiful 1 Year Old Daughter that has brighten my whole life, she is my Miracle! Just like every good parent in this world, I wanted to give her the whole world all while of course teaching her how to be a polite young lady.

The day that I decided to take the leap of faith with this business, I knew all that would be possible. Little did I know I was also about to be extremely inspired by the incredible woman on my team. Not only did I gain a business that was about to help me give my daughter the world, I gained friendships that have helped me become a better woman that is raising the polite young lady I want her to be. & The way they help me is by showing me their own beautiful ways & pushing me to succeed In this business!

I am great full to have such a wonderful gift given to me & now I can run with it & spread the love & the gift I received !
Join me on my journey, I promise you won’t look back 💛🤞🏼

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