Hi I’m Amber!

Big big dreams, never turning back

I’m Amber! I grew up with the beach as my backyard so I’m in love with the ocean. I love to travel, lift weights and I pride myself in self-love through health, wellness and skincare. I believe that we have so much more potential in us than we think we do so open your mind and heart, babe! You can do great things!

Invest in YOU


My top recommendations for you, babe

I have become so picky with what I use on my skin. I’ve always had sensitive skin, so picking out the products that work best for me has become a crucial part of my lifestyle. Let’s get right at it, shall we?

No. 1

I have unfortunately been cursed with short eyebrows. I’ve tried it all, girls and boys. From extensions to the best mascara out there. But ya girl is balling on a budget so I’m not about to drop $100-150 on extensions every month. No Ma’am Pam. This right here has helped me grow my lashes and keep them strong as well. I apply it twice a day and here’s a little trick: use it on your brows too! My brows scream my personality so I only pick the best for them. You should too xx

No. 2

I don’t know about you but I personally love face masks, a glass of wine and the smell of candles after a long day of school or work. I love this mud mask because it contains 50 beneficial skin minerals that cleanse, detoxify and hydrate my skin. They say keep it on for 15-20 minutes but I’ve found myself keeping it on for way longer because I just don’t wanna wash it off! Treat yo self. Like now.

No. 3

Aaaah lips. I’m not much of a Kylie Jenner lip gal but I must say, I do aspire to have fuller lips. I am able to have naturally fuller lips with this lip plumping balm. It uses rosehip oil for moisture lock and menthol for that plump. It doesn’t burn my lips nor do I have to pay $$$ for fillers. Definitely a win-win.

No. 4

I’ve always had oily skin (before I took care of my skin) and I want to thank one of my best friend’s for hooking me up with a facial wash that has helped me SO much. I used to break out like a hot mess. One day I was at her house and washed my face with this facial wash and I haven’t looked back since. This product is separate from my business but I LOVE it. you know I’m sharing products that I genuinely use and adore regardless of who’s selling it. We gotta support one another, babes.