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I love helping people better themselves and their lives through Beauty and Wellness. Last year a tragedy shook me to my core and upended my entire life. This has been a blessing as it’s allowed me more free time to explore what I am passionate about and ignite my fire to become healthier.

Every little bit makes a difference. Everyday I work at implementing what I am learning. It is my goal to share it with you and help you find your best You!

This drink has changed my life!

This is changing my life! Literally!

I’m super sensitive to life! Coffee and caffeine are a big no no for me. I get jittery and dizzy and nauseated and just feel plain awful!

So I didn’t have high hopes for this.

But man was I blown away!!!💣

I had half a drink for 5 days straight. I loved them so much I ordered more I ordered a different kind to try.

I had energy, alertness, focus, I had a brain! Lol I had a desire to do more than just watch tv and sleep. I actually started and completed tasks in one sitting!

I ran out of my taka before more arrived. I didn’t have it for a few days. Well let me tell you, I felt miserable! I was sooo tired and so emotional, so unmotivated and just blah without my taka!
After what felt like an eternity waiting for it in the mail (only 4 days)

I had some immediately and within just a few minutes I felt better.

My new best friend has ZERO sugar, gives me healthy energy, better sleep, reduces brain fog, strengthens memory, sharpens mood and improves gut health and digestion among a ton of other things!

This gal is extremely thrilled to be able to function again and not want to sit still. I will never let myself go a few days without it again!

It comes in so many delicious flavours. My favourite tastes like a popsicle 🙂

Best part about this is it contains over 21 superfoods. So I am naturally healing my gut and giving it everything it needs while getting more energy and being able to live a more fulfilled life!

Check it out below! Use code summer for 20% off!

Clean makeup as natural as possible without compromising composition

Top product recommendations for glowing radiant skin

Here are my go to daily products the cream of the crop as it were of Limelife products

Having a fantastic base makes all the difference

It’s hasn’t been rated the worlds top best selling foundation for 50 years for nothing

•The coverage is buildable from sheer to full coverage
•50% pigmentation - a little goes a long way.
• Wont clog your pores
•Sits on top of the skin so won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles
• Doesn’t feel like or look like your wearing makeup - your skin just looks naturally flawless

Make sure to get colour matched first! We have a 30 day happiness guarantee

Botox in a bottle

This one two punch is your anti aging power house!

Songji mushroom extracts relaxes the facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles

Lighten brighten and tighten - pair with one drop wonder to intensify the effects! One drop wonder increase the efficacy of whatever it is paired with AND it only contains one ingredient so for those of you with sensitivities this is a must have!

Results are possible! If your not getting results from your skincare it’s time for a change

Green Team

Toner Pads- swipe these babies over freshly cleansed skin and see your glow come to life. Gently exfoliate and calm redness in one easy step.

Green Smoothie - This deeply hydrating, luxurious cream soothes, moisturizes and nourishes skin through plant extracts to form, tone, hold pores tight, promote collagen production and provide supple smoothness to the skin.

You have not tried luxury until you have tried green smoothie.

Baby soft smooth skin

Everyone needs this in their life.

Dry skin - skin polish
Large pores - skin polish
Dull skin - skin polish
Flakey skin - skin polish
Oily skin - skin polish
Need some self care - skin polish.

There is a reason everyone - literally everyone that can use it is obsessed with this face mask. It is exfoliating and hydrating all in one step, it balances your skin and helps dig deep into your pores to remove all that dead dirt and debris

It’s all natural and smells like a yummy lemon spa. If there’s one thing Limelife you need to try it’s this!

Surprise yourself every month!

I remember when I was little surprise bags were all the rage. I could not wait to go to the mall to get one! They always had a few cool things and a few things I would never use or wear but I looooved them!

This is the adult makeup and skincare version.
Product inside are valued between $65-$125
Ships free
Cancel or pause at any time
Add anything to your first box and it also ships free

I honestly can’t wait to find out what’s in each box every month. It’s always a great deal. I see you bargain hunters!

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