Tell the world what you’re made of 🌟

I came into this buisness with very little knowledge or experience, but quickly learned how loving and accepting the other buisness ladies are. This alone was enough motivation for me to engage, and make some extra pocket cash. The empowerment, strength, courage are constant, and really improve my personal growth and mindset. I so desperately needed all of this when I joined the ItWorks family.

I have 2 bio children who I love to bits, and two older step children who are also my world! I wouldn't change a thing about our blended family. Each of these children have made me who I am today, and have taught me so much. We truly are blessed with each one, in many different ways.

What I am doing when I am not being a parent or working my side hustle with ItWorks is nursing. I nurse with a local Community Health Centre. My dream job was working directly with some of our most vulnerable population, ensuring our system is working together for our people instead of in silos for the system. I recently changed positions to be a bit closer to home. I'm now working with group homes, women shelters and mental health agencies. When I am in my nursing role, I pour every ounce of me into these individuals. I am passionate about making a difference in these peoples lives and the health care they receive. On top of all of this, I am also in school to become a certified mental health nurse, as I mentioned before this is my passion.

We all need to work a bit harder, to be none judgemental, accepting to those around us. No matter what the role is that we are playing, just be kind. We never know what someone is going through, sometimes their hard shell is just a cover from what they are going through or have went through.

Remember to always treat others how you want to be treated, and show love to those who really need it. ❤️