About Me

Just a crafty Momma making it happen!

I'm just a normal mom. My life is full. I love my family including all of our four footed ones! I have the most incredible and supportive other half. Between us we have SIX amazing & beautiful children. Rocco & Ducky are our doggies and they are spoiled rotten. We have three meow meows which we lovingly refer to as Momcat, Whisp & SuSu. They all have nicknames but if I started listing them we would be here all day.... same reason I didn't name the children 🤣! I have a pretty decent sense of humor as long as I'm not hungry.
Anyways, that's just a spec in the atmosphere of who I am. I'm working very hard to get my name out there and despite the massive amount of competition, I choose to believe we all bring something unique to our art and work. There is room for everyone in this great big world and I am here to help support my fellow crafters. We are all in this together and small business' everywhere need our support. YOU can help even if you aren't purchasing anything. Just a like. Just a share. A follow or a simple comment. Those are all forms of support that cost nothing and (taking it upon myself to speak for all small business') we greatly appreciate! Thank you 💜


What do you feel like wearing today? I can make it all.