About Me

Wife + Mama + Living Intentionally +Saved by His Grace + Helping Others Be Their Best Selves✌🏼🖤🙏🏼

Hi, I’m Amber
I’m 37, I’m a wife {we’ve been together 17yrs} and have 4 children together- Quintyn, Addysyn, Brynlyn + Jozalyn!!
I started using Snaps a few months ago… I had been gaining weight, feeling stressed, anxious + like I was losing myself … I had been watching a friend use these snaps and got really curious!! I was a bit of a skeptic but heave them a try- within 15 minutes of taking Bran I felt energy, I was in a better mood, I felt on top of the world!!
I noticed within that same week that I wasn’t as hungry + I was grabbing for healthier foods + downing water by the gallon!!

Then there is Zlem… the first night I actually noticed better sleep + it got better and better as time went on! I’ve started to trim up- the first week Zlem each month is a detox. Taking Zlem each night helps you burn fat- can’t beat losing weight in your sleep

Now I’m feeling better than ever + I love helping others feel the same!!

We also have Uuth which is a liquid collagen!! It taste super yummy! I notice baby hairs growing in and my skin feels great!!

Bran snaps:
Mental clarity
Improves focus
Improves mood
Supports positive thinking

Zlem snaps:
Supports restful nights
Quality sleep
Dials down stress
Supports rejuvenated mornings
Helps burn stored body fat

Uuuth snaps:
Promotes firm youthful skin
Improves muscle tone &endurance
Reduces fine lines
Reduces harmful oxidative stress

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