Remember your Roots

Know where you have been to know where you are going

My name is AmberSymone; I am a singer, a future entrepreneur, and an athlete.
What I am looking forward to boosting awareness about the enviornment as well as messages through the songs that will be writing.
In addition, will be posting about food reviews, book reviews, and so much more in the coming year. There will be a secondary website that be highlighted and boosted on my page extensively, to go check out, due to the cool band reviews, book reviews, and world views that the website writes about.
Furthermore, positivity is the sunshine in a smile, so enjoy and share!!

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Top Pick Tuesaday

Historical Fiction, Supernatural, Fantasy Fiction

Every Tuesday will be the Top Picks of the day
Limitless possiblities will be on this page

Recommendation #1

"Dread Nation" is a Hisrorical Fiction book that will have you wanting more from beginning to end. The book is about slavery and how Negro girls are trained to be the front line against ZOMBIES, in combat schools all over the nation.
Even with the introduction of characters, toil is presented through past relationships, frenemies, and plot twist that will leave you nawing at your nails for more.

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Recommendation #2

When Tea accidentally resurrects her brother from the dead, she learns she is different from the other witches in her family. Her gift for necromancy means that she’s a bone witch, a title that makes her feared and ostracized by her community. But Tea finds solace and guidance with an older, wiser bone witch, who takes Tea and her brother to another land for training.
In her new home, Tea puts all her energy into becoming an asha — one who can wield elemental magic. But dark forces are approaching quickly, and in the face of danger, Tea will have to overcome her obstacles…and make a powerful choice

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Recommendation #3

Steeplejack is a book about Seventeen-year-old Anglet Sutonga lives repairing the chimneys, towers, and spires of the city of Bar-Selehm. Dramatically different communities live and work alongside each other. When Ang is supposed to meet her new apprentice Berrit, she instead finds him dead. That same night, the Beacon, an invaluable historical icon, is stolen. Meanwhile, crowds gather in protests over the city's mounting troubles. Rumors surrounding the Beacon's theft grow. More suspicious deaths occur. With no one to help Ang except Josiah's snobby younger sister, a savvy newspaper girl, and a kindhearted herder, Ang must rely on her intellect and strength to resolve the mysterious link between Berrit and the missing Beacon before the city descends into chaos.

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The Magic of the Moon

Moody Moon Madness

The moon, besides it having a strong tidal gravitational pull on the earth, can also affect behavior and emotion in the day to day work space. A lot of people tell of horoscopes and how what you do is a result of which zodiac you are, but have you ever heard of what it means combined with the phases of the moon. Things get a little moony.🌑🌘🌓🌖🌕🌔🌗
Go check out the following sights for more information and to find out which phase your zodiac is in.