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veuillez partager ce document avec n'importe qui. tout effort aimable est utile. aucune plateforme n'est trop petite pour partager ces informations. si vous êtes neutre ou que vous restez silencieux pendant ces situations d'injustice, alors vous avez choisi le côté de l'oppresseur. l'ignorance est un bonheur pour la majorité, mais l'ignorance est la mort pour la minorité. vous êtes soit un allié, soit vous faites partie du problème. acceptez vos privilèges et diffusez la sensibilisation. S'il vous plaît.
Je suis d'accord et je note en outre que l'armée qui tente d'écraser les émeutes est inconstitutionnelle aux États-Unis. Les citoyens ont le droit de protester contre le gouvernement qui a perdu le soutien du peuple, ce qui rend le gouvernement illégal.
si vous le pouvez, ajoutez ce lien à votre biographie instagram et partagez-le avec tous ceux que vous connaissez, il a des liens mis à jour et plus de sites de donation
justice for george floyd 1
justice for george floyd 2
justice for george floyd 3
justice for george floyd 4
justice for george floyd 5
justice for george floyd 6
justice for george floyd 7
justice for george floyd: white house petition
(governmentally recognized)
official go fund me for george floyd’s memorial
demand the officers who killed george floyd are charged with murder
the minneapolis police officers to be charged for murder after killing innocent black man
prosecute the murderers who killed george floyd
mdp officers to be charged with the murder of george floyd
put the minneapolis police officers who killed george floyd in prison
murder charges against the cops who murdered george floyd
justice for belly mujinga
julius jones is innocent. don't let him be executed by the state of oklahoma
mandatory life sentence for police brutality
justice for joāo pedro
free siyanda
stand with breonna taylor
justice for ahmuad aubrey
reopen kendrick johnson's case #j4kendrick
justice for 19 year old darius stewart
justice for alejandro vargas martinez
justice for regis korchinski-paquet
justice for tony mcdade
disbarment of george e. barnhill
hands up act
willie simmons has served 38 years for a $9 robbery
exoneration of albert wilson
movement for black lives petition
blm carrd 1
blm carrd 2
more google docs:
another very helpful doc
helpful doc with more donation sites
twitter threads:
twitter thread of petitions
twitter thread of what you can do to help
helpful twitter thread
twitter thread of bail funds
educational resources:
anti-racism resources for white people
75 things white people can do for racial justice
7 reasons why reverse racism does not exist
yale african american studies free course
know your protesting rights
donation sites:
american civil liberties union
minnesota freedom fund
campaign zero
national police accountability project
black lives matter
advancement project
change the nypd
movement for black lives
the marshall project
until freedom
more donation sitestext FLOYD to 55156 to demand the officers are charged with george floyd’s murder
text ENOUGH to 55156 to demand justice for breonna taylor
text JUSTICE to 668366 to demand justice for george floyd

police complaint script:
My name is ________ and I am a resident of _______(city/country). I’m emailing today on behalf of the George Floyd case. I’m calling for the prosecution of Derek Chauvin #1087 and his partner Tou Thao #7162 to the fullest extent of the law and that you will not rest until that happens. George Floyd was arrested under an implied, non-violent crime and bystanders claim that he never resisted his arrest. The approach that the officers chose to take was one that resulted in murder and must not be taken lightly.
Black Lives Matter.
script for calling mayor jacob frey and county attorney michael freeman of minneapolis:
dear mayor jacob frey and county attorney michael freeman,
i am outraged and disturbed by the killing of george floyd at the hands of the minneapolis police department officers.
for seven minutes, george floyd and bystanders cried out and pleaded for his life as your officers choked him to death in broad daylight. this is an act of police violence committed on an innocent, unarmed black man. no one deserves what happened to george. and it’s up to you to grant justice.
i’m calling on you, the mayor, to 1) block their pensions and 2) ban them from becoming police officers ever again. and county attorney freeman must immediately charge officer derek chauvin with premeditated first degree murder, and the three other police officers with assisting to a murder. this is a racist hate crime and an abuse of power. we’re counting on you to secure justice for his family.
____________ (your name)
call: (612) 348-5550 or (612) 673-2100
if you want to donate but live internationally, here are zip codes you can use:
90015 90001 90002 90003 90004 10001 10002 90013 91103 91743 21201 75001 06040 75001 06040 06042 87109 87108 71101 71112 29169 29210 33310 90210 33101 87108 20001 10003 10004 02052 02108 02109 02110 02111 02112 02113 02114 02115 02116 02117 02118 02119 02120 02121 02122 02123 02124 02125 02126
medical supplies to bring if you protest:
gauze for excessive bleeding
non stick gauze pads and medical tape
eye pads
butterfly bandages
cold packs
bandage scissors
ace bandages