About me

Get Your Time Back!

Emails are money makers. But writing, managing, and responding to emails can be overwhelmingly time consuming. These tasks, as well as other administrative tasks, should support and grow your business not consume it.

You didn’t start your business to drown in emails or spend half your day creating content marketing materials. You started your business to free up more time for yourself to influence and share your vision with the world while making a rocking income — and that's where I can help you.

Hi! I’m Amelia, and I can get your time back by managing your emails, writing up effective email sequences, and create content marketing materials for your business while giving great customer service.

Not only can I take these tasks off of your plate, but I will do it with efficiency, reliability, and integrity.

The emails and content I create, will build trust with your ideal clients. They will educate your potential clients on the value that you and your services offer that is unbeatable. I will work with you to keep your clients more than satisfied with thoughtful customer service.

When we work together, I will share progress of projects on a regular basis. You will be reassured of what you can expect from me. My work is timely and professional.

Reliability is what you need in a freelance writer, and you won't have to worry about me disappearing in the middle of a project.

I value your time and I value my time. I am serious about my work so you can be sure I will deliver. Don’t let the administrative tasks continue to bog down your business from growing to its potential! Let’s talk about your business needs in more detail.

You can get in touch with me and I will get back to you promptly.