Amelia Lyn Slaughter

Meet me!

Hey you!
I’m a passionate mother of 4, former neonatal ICU nurse turned entrepreneur, devoted wife & friend. I love to cook, decorate, and bargain shop. I am obsessed with fashion...and cleaning. Those 2 don’t combine well, but I make it work! I will probably like your dog more than you, so I guess you could say I’m an introvert. I love sports, especially gymnastics & football. And, I’m a high school cheerleading coach.

Prime Lover

I love all of these things!

Amazon shopping is my part time job. Only, no one pays me! These recommendations are all the product of personal use

College move in bags

Clear, large & super strong moving bags. Perfect for college, and storing holiday or household items

Eye massager

Heat, music, massage, yes please!

Popsicle molds

Dinosaurs!! Or any other type of mold you are looking for can be found on Amazon of course! Bonus: make healthy popsicles so you can say YES when your kiddos beg for them this summer!

Cabinet slot containers

Peeeeerfect for bandaids, sponges or granola bars! I have these all over my house!

Clear lazy susan containers

Loooooove these heavy duty clear storage containers for my lazy susan pantry. She is lazy no more!!

Lady parts shaving cream

This is a must have for swimsuit season (and all year really). No razor burn, irritation or redness, just a clean shave!

Lint bin

Magnetic lint bin attaches to your washer or dryer and acts as a little lint garbage bin. So cute!

Bissell Steam Shot

This thing has changed my life. For around 20 bucks, I completely deep cleaned my kitchen tile grout. Do you know how much it costs to have it steamed?? Things little tool is a must have for anyone that is obsessed with clean floors.

Microblading kit

Ever wanted microbladed brows, but then you saw the cost and slammed on the brakes?? Here is your chance to DIY those brows. For less than $30, you get all of the products needed to blade yourself multiple times. This takes some finesse for sure, make sure to do your homework (aka youtube) before attempting.

Silk pillowcase set

This 2 pack of silk pillowcases is a bargain, at less than $10! Comes in different colors & sizes. Silk pillowcases are proven to benefit both your skin and hair. Grab this set and sleep better!

Milk frother

This super cute handheld wisk is battery powered and super effective.

Ice molds

Loooooove these for giving myself an ice facial. Also perfect for massaging sore muscles, bug bites & headache relief!