welcome here <3

welcoming yall! :)

hey baes, im making this website to help yall with my colouring, facts about me, ect!
i want you to remember to eat today as your worth it and i love you beb ! <3

aw hes so cute omg!! <3

some facts about me :)

get to know me ig! <3

hey, im amelia im 11 years old and im 12 on the 16th of july! i have a doggy called tilly and when im sad or even feeling down i will tell her my problems and they all go away for a little <3 i have a best friend called ruby and istg she is the best person alive and i love her sm!! <3

go char!! :)

give credits to addscherie not me!!

credits: addscherie

colouring tut give cc to addscherie!
1. go onto 24fps import your video/photo click the green and red dots and import the qr code Tak3 on m3.

2. go onto ultralight and import your video/photo add clarity to -10 sharpen to -10 and noise to -10

3. go onto b612 import your video/photo and add the filter “fade 1” and put it to 80%!

4. go onto prequel add the filter “oakland 2” to 50% then exposure to 50% and highlights to 50% and add sparkles to 50% (optional)

5. add text and your all done!! enjoy baes <3

i love addi sm ahh!

tak3 on m3 qr code!

qr code

here is the qr code for tak3 on m3 !! <3

enjoy bye loveys !!