Conscious Entrepreneur aka the Optimist 🥥

- ‘Amelia Takataka

How’s your well-being?

Burnt out with the life you're living?
Sick of being broke?
Sick of being in debt??

Did you know
• Financial stress impacts mental wellbeing.
• 25% of New Zealanders have poor levels of mental and emotional wellbeing (according to a study commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation).
• 69% of New Zealanders are concerned about money, with that figure rising to 74% of women and 82% of those aged 18-34.
• Māori and Pasifika respondents were also particularly affected – 83% of Māori and 82% of Pasifika were concerned about money (according to research by Commission for Financial Capability).

Ready to create an income, with more ease and flow?
Gain Personal development?
More time freedom?
Location Freedom?

Have you heard of the phrase “work smarter, not harder?”

Social Media and Affiliate Marketing is the New Era of earning money.

Let us show you a road map to CREATING success by using that time you spend on social media to create and earn $$$

Be sure to reach out if you have any questions. 😊

‘Amelia Takataka

“I choose freedom”

Mālō ‘e lelei, Tena Koe and Pacific greetings 🌺

I’m ‘Amelia.

Born, raised and living in Hamilton, NZ 🇳🇿

I’ve decided to BE the change to SEE the change.

WHY? for the people ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏻

My parents sacrificed a lot and worked hard to make ends meet for our family. Their time was traded for money, often long hours working shift work / low paying jobs. This was our reality and what I thought was the norm.

As a Pasifika woman, I want to break this cycle of “working poor” (a struggle majority of our indigenous people are facing through right now). I will not be that working poor statistic!

I have lived experience of what it’s like to struggle and live pay cheque to pay cheque each week. I know what it’s like to see my parents work long hours for minimal monetary gain just to put food on the table. I’ve spent my school holidays picking blueberries 12 hours a day for 6 days a week 🥵 This built resilience, however the income was never enough.

I’ve dabbled into side hustles in the past which have all failed!

Fast forward to today. I've reached a breakthrough. I credit GOD, the Co-Founders of the Legacy Collective and my amazing business mentor Molee, for this transformative opportunity.

This biz is a game changer. I have witnessed others earn in one month, what I would earn in a year! All while working from their phones, in the pockets of their own time, and having the freedom to work from wherever they choose.

What I love about this business is that it embodies empowerment, encouragement, support and celebration 💯 (according to Harvard Business research, that is the most motivating force in a business). The business also aligns with my own personal values and is high vibes! I’ve gained a new family of likeminded human beings.

What makes this more exciting is I see Māori and Pasifika thriving in this business!! …actually “The Legacy Collective” (TLC) are at the top of the board out of 5k globally.

Being the first person in Hamilton to join TLC, I’m here to help those who are looking for an opportunity, to stretch out of their comfort zone, and enter into new horizons. ☀️

The opportunity is in the Affiliate marketing space. Join us, to find out how.

“Imagine the desired outcome and let this image encourage you on.” ✨

Dream BIG.
It is time to THRIVE.

- ‘Amelia
The Optimist 🥥