raw motherhood + my journey to self love & healing

I created this space to build a community for all women who are ready to commit to their own self love and healing. This is not only for mothers. Motherhood just happened to be what broke down all of my barriers and continued to nudge me to DO BETTER.

When I say ‘do better’, what I mean is to stop looking around you for what you “should” be doing. When you truly cut out all of the chatter around you and stop caring what other people around you think, that’s when the true magic happens. It’s important that I clarify that when I say ‘people’, I mean family too.

When you start looking within with zero judgement for yourself, that’s where the journey of self love begins. It’s harder said than done, I know. I believe as women we are programmed to be pleasers. Stay hush hush and follow the line. Be sexy, but not too sexy because then you’re not classy. These are the careers that would be good for you as a woman! The list goes on. Those are just a few of MY old stories.

I hit my lowest points trying to survive being a full time single parent and trying to co-parent responsibly, all while trying to keep myself happy and healthy. Most days I was running on complete empty and just barely surviving. I felt like a fraud. I was giving off the persona to those around me that everything was great, when deep down I was really suffering. It’s not that motherhood wasn’t the absolute most joyous thing, it was that i completely lost myself.

Because of how weak I was people found it their due diligence to offer advice— “you should send your daughter to school, that way you can work more” “you should be an engineer, an esthetician, a nurse..” and the list goes on. I was so lost that I listened over and over, only to quit multiple things which led to letting other people down 👉🏼 losing friends 👉🏼lower self confidence 👉🏼 isolation 👉🏼 avoidance 👉🏼 embarrassment— a recipe for deeper sadness. All along, there was a small voice telling me that I wasn’t a sad mom and that with dedication to growth— I would find my way.

So I decided enough was enough and that I was taking back my power. I stopped reaching for external validation from the people around me and started tuning into my own thoughts, dreams, and the future I envisioned for Vivienne, my beautiful two year old daughter. I rewrote old stories that I had been holding onto that were debilitating. I had to quite literally write down those old deep seeded stories I was living with on paper, and then re-write my new story next to it. I still look at them every day to remind myself that I get to choose my story and that I won’t be a prisoner to the old limiting ones. I had to come to terms with the fact that I have been the one holding myself back and that I have the power to make changes and live the big life I dream of. I still have a lot of moments where those old stories creep back in telling me I’m not good enough. But, the more I shut them down, the less they come up. 👏🏼 Every day now is a devoted practice to supporting myself in this evolution of becoming the woman I want to be.

It wasn’t until I started incorporating daily rituals, breaking old habits, and teaching myself a whole new mindset that I was able to truly dream of a big life. And the BEST part is that it actually feels in reach! When you start incorporating small things (ex: make your bed every damn day) and you can hold yourself accountable to them; the result is that bigger changes become less scary. I’ve felt true happiness since making these things a priority, a happiness that I can’t remember feeling for a long time. As a result, I’ve started believing in myself fully and my self love continues to grow. I’ve started seeing my gifts and feeling confident in sharing them. I still catch myself spiraling into what people will think of me when I share about my journey, but now I can be my own voice of reason to cut out the bull$hit noise.

So here I am in all of my vulnerability, because I believe that all women should step into their power and start living the life they deserve. I am creating what I wish I had when I was in my darkest days. We are born on this earth with our own unique gifts and strengths. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn my ever evolving path.

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