About Me

I’m an Audio Video Specialist

Hi, I’m Amelya! [They/She]

I’m a Gender Non-Conforming creative based in Montreal, a recent graduate from McGill University, and a freelance Producer. I specialize in Sound Engineering/Recording, Film Production, Production Coordination, and Music Technology.

I’m an Audio Video Specialist with four years of experience running my Production Studio, Apt. 6. Starting as a concert series, Apt. 6 has developed into a platform for Montreal musicians.

Graduating from McGill in 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Music and Music Technology, I returned this year to complete my M.M. in Sound Recording. My passions exists in a crossroad of collaborating, creating, and capturing various art forms.

In 2021, I directed a short documentary, ‘Sense of Space’. It was premiered at the Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal international Black Film Festivals.

I aim to use my art to explore intersectionality, focusing on marginalized folks, forming spaces for their existence to thrive.

I’m so happy to have you here!

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My videos mostly consist of my personal concert series Apt. 6 MTL - Mic the Ledge! Hosting concerts from my apartment while creating a platform for Montreal’s best underground musicians!

Apt. 6 MTL - Mic the Ledge ft. Kyran Assing

Betwixt - A Screendance

Apt. 6 MTL - Mic the Ledge ft. Lapelúda

The Montreal International Black Film Festival 2021

Watch my film “Sense of Space” live on Sep 24th or Online Sep 22 - Oct 3