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Small Town Folks With The American Dream

We are the Brandon's, we are both known individually for our creative skills, and willingness and desire to be entrepreneurial. Beginning our business in 2020, we officially started the American.Made.Goods journey.

We've had a desire to go into business together, though this isn't actually what we imagined, but we are both grateful how it fell into place. We are blessed, even though our lives and it has had many challenges, not even including any chaos of 2020.

We are both known for loving folks and serving our communities as volunteer emt firefighters. That was and is a passion of ours we hope to pursue once again. We love to support other small businesses, and help our economy grow, because we love America. America can still yet be that example to countries around the world, we hope we can ourselves grow in business and support those around us.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and join us for the long haul.

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The Brandon's

Be the first to join us as we begin our YouTube journey! As we show our business growth, share parts of our lives, tips, advice, what we've learned, what we do, how we do it, and explore new ideas and creative avenues!

Small Business Tips/Advice from non experts🎇Freshly Learned/Passing along!☆A 2020 Business🎇Handmade

How We Make Our 100% Natural Soy Candles & Wax Melts #nontoxic

Whats Going To Farmers Market/Desk Work Space/ Signage For Market

Unboxing| From potential Wholesaler| Awesomeness!🎇 ft. Eli & Calvin

AMGS Refining Plans🎇 Our New Ventures; Looking for Collaborators🎇 What will AMGS provide next?! 😄

Online store OPEN| Delivery mini vlog| New PO box| Instagram giveaway!

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